Posted May 29, 5:30 PM MST is one of North America's largest online health & wellness community. We are currently looking for practitioners of non-pharmaceutical therapies to join our online clinic.

We currently have practitioners from the following categories working with our service:

· Acupuncture

· Addiction Services

· Aromatherapy

· Art Therapy

· BioEnergetics

· Bio Feedback

· Body Alignment

· Bowen Therapy

· Chiropractor

· Chronic Pain

· Corporate Wellness

· Counselling

· Craniosacral

· Dental

· Dental Hygienist

· Dietician

· Energy Healing

· Equine Gestalt

· Financial Wellness

· Fitness

· Float Tank

· Holistic Nutrition

· Homeopath

· Hyperbaric

· Kinesiology

· Life Coach

· Massage

· Meditation

· Naturopath

· Neurofeedback

· Nutritionist

· Manual Osteopath

· Pet Wellness

· Psychology

· Reflexology

· Reiki

· Sports Medicine

· T.C.M

· Yoga

If you are currently a professional in one of these categories or another that looks like it will fit in. We would like to get you involved.

Which Doctor works is like any other integrated health clinic. We find the customers and the setting to practice in, you provide the services. The only big difference is that it is all online. The split is 25% to the clinic 75% to the practitioner. To sum it up the clinic works like "Skip The Dishes", Air BnB" or "Uber" but for health and wellness practitioners.

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