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Animals vibrate at higher frequency levels than humans and are extremely sensitive to energy, making Reiki a very effective healing method for them. ​They LOVE it!!! I've had the privilege of working with dogs, cats, bunnies, goats, pigs, horses, donkeys, lambs, sheep, chickens, roosters, ducks and pigeons. I never force the energy on them. For Remote Reiki, I'll invite them telepathically into my virtual "animal reiki room" where they can sit or lay down on pillows, blankets, chairs and couches. I communicate with them to make sure they’re comfortable, at ease, and know what to expect. I let each animal know that I'll be providing healing energy for them and make it clear that they have all of the power. It's important that animals understand they are in complete control and can decide if they want to take in the energy or not. They also know how much they need/want. When the energy from my hands diminishes, the session is finished. I’ve noticed that remote sessions typically last about 30 minutes. Animals may want additional sessions, depending on the symptoms/condition being treated. Some Benefits: - Decreases stress & anxiety - Reduces aches & pains - Promotes relaxation & better sleep - Accelerates rate of recovery from injury - Strengthens immune system - Flushes out toxins - Eases muscle tension and stiffness - Alleviates emotional and mental issues or trauma - Promotes deeper bond between human & animal - Removes energy blocks - Clears and balances chakras - Provides comfort & serenity when passing away