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Naturopathic Medicine (Hormones, Digestive Health, Brain & Immune System Optimization Evolve Healthcare by Dr Hayley LLC

Evolve Healthcare by Dr Hayley LLC

Naturopathic Medicine (Hormones

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Evolve Healthcare has been a virtual-based practice since 2019, providing convenient, affordable, and top quality care via a HIPAA compliant telehealth platform to anyone who resides in Arizona. Dr. Collinge is an expert in hormone, adrenal, thyroid and blood sugar issues, and is well-versed in hormone testing, and prescribing bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and woman. She also focuses on autoimmune and digestive issues, and has first hand experience managing celiac disease with nutrition, supplements, and lifestyle. She can tailor a diet specifically to your needs and your particular food intolerances, allergies, and health conditions. Dr. Collinge also provides help with brain health and optimizing brain function with the use of nootropics. She is also well-versed in immune system health and optimizing immune function. Please note that for anyone residing outside of the state of Arizona, Dr. Hayley can provide health advising services only. This means she cannot act as your primary care doctor, send you for labs/other testing, nor prescribe medications to you. She can still advise you on what to do for your health condition, and make recommendations to see your primary care physician in your state for any specific testing or prescriptions you may need. Please only select initial or follow-up virtual consultations from the services menu if you do not reside in Arizona. All service prices are in USD.