Counsellors offer help with mental health issues via in-person sessions or online therapy. This can include couples counselling, family counselling, or therapy for depression.

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Reiki by Ryan


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Ryan is a certified Reiki practitioner and also integrates Quantum Touch and Theta healing modalities. Ryan specializes in and primarily practices distance healing in virtual sessions; however, physical appointments are available upon request*. Additionally, Ryan practices as a certified Life Coach and is available for both in-person* and virtual appointments. Weekend appointments are currently being accepted for both Reiki and Life Coaching. Ryan is a 5-time National Champion and Triple Crown Award-winning wrestler. He developed a recipe of success for life, learning from the world’s leading athletes and coaches, that later led to the formulation of his motivational life-coaching techniques. In addition to athletics, Ryan has experienced the “wins and losses” in many other areas of life as a student, corporate America management-level employee, and - now - musical artist and songwriter. Ryan credits his success transitioning from competitive corporate life to his current path in the healing and musical arts to his “Recipe for Success.” *Ryan continues to operate in private practice during COVID-19 to be of service to humanity. He is following national guidelines right now for COVID-19 and, for your safety and his, requests all appointments be virtual until further notice.