Counsellors offer help with mental health issues via in-person sessions or online therapy. This can include couples counselling, family counselling, or therapy for depression.

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Addictions Recovery Advisor




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I guide and counsel people struggling to find direction.

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Counselling Beyond the Box Counseling - David Burns

Beyond the Box Counseling - David Burns


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A Lifeline For a Lifetime:When you can't look on the bright side, I will sit with you in the dark and help you see your brilliance.David Burns RPCcLife is full of intense challenges that can create such issues as anxiety, depression, addiction, anger problems and low self-esteem. Who better to help you navigate your way through these challenges, than someone like myself who has forged a path through these issues. Together we can create solutions for a brighter future."I have endured, I have been broken, I have known hardship. I have lost myself. But yet here I stand, still moving forward, growing stronger every day. I will never forget the harsh lessons in my life. They made me stronger and wiser."  And now I offer that strength and wisdom to you, to help you move forward and grow stronger. Most people don't realize how much courage it takes some days just to get out of bed, or how hard it is to pull yourself out of an anxiety attack, or how stressful it is to explain what's going on in your head when you don't even understand it yourself...but I do!!!"Unfortunately, most of us are continuously trying to distract ourselves from facing ourselves."As a counsellor, David strives to help people make new discoveries about themselves and what helps them overcome the obstacles they face. David's clients trust him to guide them on their journey to achieve the goals they set for themselves. David enjoys working with people from all walks of life. Counseling can be a wonderful and wise opportunity to explore the courage to change the things you can and the serenity to accept the rest.David is dedicated to providing nurturing, creative and flexible healing environments and experiences.David is someone who understands the transformative power of therapy, he is passionate about learning, listening, and bringing balance and wellness to the lives of his clients..There are four areas that I focus on in my work; Anxiety/Depression, Anger Management, Addiction & Personal Development Workshops. Working together in these areas, I know I can help you unlock and heal the pain that you carry from the past and assist you in building a stronger today with a new awareness and understanding of your own natural resources and strengths.Anxiety/Depression:Anxiety is a thin stream of fear trickling through the mind. If encouraged it cuts a channel into which all other thoughts are drained. Depression is living in a body that fights to survive, with a mind that tries to die.Anger Management:Anger can be uncomfortable. Our culture’s view of anger may contribute to our difficulties with this complicated emotion. We often regard anger as the ugly stepchild of emotions, making it less acceptable to express than sadness or anxiety. The result: we don’t always learn how to handle our anger constructively. Yet, when managed with care and attention, anger can be a force for reflection and even the impetus for major breakthroughs in how we feel and live our lives.Addiction:Many people don't understand why or how other people become addicted to drugs or alcohol. They may mistakenly think that those who use drugs or alcohol lack moral principles or willpower and that they could stop their substance use simply by choosing to. In reality, addiction is a complex disease, and quitting usually takes more than good intentions or a strong will. Drugs and alcohol change the brain in ways that make quitting hard, even for those who want to. Drug addiction is treatable and can be successfull.Personal Development Workshops:Personal development is an often used but rarely explained term. It is about investing in yourself so that you can manage yourself effectively regardless of what life might bring your way. Personal development allows you to be proactive. Rather than wait for good things to happen, you get out there and make them happen. You may not always achieve your objective, but you will experience a richer and more rewarding life when you commit to pursuing your own objectives. Making that commitment to personal development is the first step on the path to personal fulfilment.



Hypnotherapy, Somatic Counselling, Emotional Stress Relief Maggie Reigh

Maggie Reigh


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Suffering from anxiety, stress, personal turmoil, interrupted sleep or chronic pain; but unable to determine why? Your Subconscious Mind is holding onto all of your sufferings and recreating them which triggers the stress within you. REST Therapy is a proven system that dissolves unhealthy subconscious patterns that are keeping you stressed while reinforcing your Innate Strength to deal with whatever arises. It has been compared by the American Health Magazine with other methods and has proven to have a faster recovery rate, transforming the way you live quickly and effectively. REST Therapy will give you the tools needed to release emotional, mental and physical pain both that you can use daily. (See testimonials below) Different from traditional counselling, REST Therapy teaches you how to release the emotional/energetic charge trapped so your body can learn how to automatically relax while the physical healing is enhanced. It is a culmination of the most effective hypnotherapy techniques coupled with easy and effective emotional release tools such as EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique), breathing practices, acupressure, and energy exercises. It is a hybrid of methodologies combined to create lasting, profound changes. As you experience a whole new world unfolding REST Therapy will take you right to the root of the issue so you’ll be able to release the emotional charge from your body in a safe and guided experience. Then you can invite and empower your younger self to deal with the situation that triggered that initial response. Our aim is to free you from the conditioning that no longer serves you and to help you step into Being the Creator of your life. To release old fears, resentments, anger, and the feeling of powerlessness. You will discover how true Forgiveness sets you free and that it can come easily with the REST Therapy System. So, let's talk and find out! We have a very high success rate in helping people to experience lasting peace, joy, and love in life. We offer a Free 1Hr Emotional Empowerment session that decide if this is the best fit for you and if not, we will do our best to refer you elsewhere. Book your Free Emotional Empowerment Session now: 778-214-4684