Counsellors offer help with mental health issues via in-person sessions or online therapy. This can include couples counselling, family counselling, or therapy for depression.

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Natural Health and Nutrition, Root Causes of Disease, Detoxing and Cleansing, and Live and Dry Blood Cell Analysis Building Bridges to Health Naturally

Building Bridges to Health Naturally

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We PARTNER with YOU using a collaborative approach to wholistic health and examine root causes of disease while encouraging and supporting YOUR responsibility for a healthy, balanced life.



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Family Ties Hypnotherapy


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Lisa provides sessions via telephone or through FaceTime and can help clients resolve the underlying cause of various issues they are experiencing. Clients can find relief from phobias, unwanted habits, anger issues, depression and anxiety symptoms. Our life reflects our unconscious programming. This is because the job of the subconscious is to create reality out of its program. For example, to prove the program is true. So if you have negative programming in your unconscious, Dr Lipton says 95% of the time you will recreate those negative experiences in your life. During a hypnotherapy session the hypnotherapist provides counselling and communicates with the client while in hypnosis to help the client shift sensations, perceptions, feelings, thoughts and behaviour. Hypnotherapy can work at a deeper level not only to understand one's habit, problem or past trauma, but also to help a person eliminate negative emotional triggers associated with the issue, shift negative belief patterns and help encourage positive changes in one's behaviour. By being in a highly relaxed state of mind a person is much more open to suggestions for change, they can develop better control over his or her emotions and develop a deeper sense of awareness. The difference between a regular talk therapy session and a hypnotherapy session is during talk therapy the therapist is helping the person logically understand the problem and finding a way to deal comfortably with the situation. During a hypnotherapy session the therapist works with the logical mind (the conscious mind) AND the emotional brain (the unconscious mind). For example a person may be afraid to drive and consciously know that they are capable of driving yet that person's unconscious fears are preventing the person from getting behind the wheel. Hypnotherapy can help the person eliminate the underlying triggers and fears and the client may be able to drive again. Hypnotherapy can assist clients to achieve goals they never thought they could possibly achieve, work on symptoms related to anxiety and depression, and help a person eliminate a bad habit or phobia.



Neurofeedback, One on One Conselling, Sano State Health Clinic

Sano State Health Clinic


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ONE-ON-ONE COUNSELLING - At times we all need someone to talk to about our lives, goals, and struggles. Speaking with a counsellor allows for a safe, and judgment free place to express thoughts and emotions. Valuable feedback and evidence-based strategies and solutions are given in a professional setting. ​ Talk therapy may be supplemented with books, smart phone applications, online videos, and other resources to provide additional help. ​ Biofeedback and Virtual Reality Therapy are also available to compliment talk therapy in one-on-one counselling. VIRTUAL REALITY AND BIOFEEDBACK - Biofeedback entails the use of sensors that monitor the body's responses, and then shows us what is happening. Then through a number of coping strategies, we can learn to manage our body's responses. For example, if you think of a stressful situation, your shoulders and neck might tense up. With biofeedback equipment, you can see this happening. As you are taught, and practice relaxation techniques in therapy, you will gain control of your body's reaction. You will see even the slightest changes, and master the ability to control your body's responses. When coupled with virtual reality, we can practice being in a very calm and relaxed environment, and then progressively move to more stressful situations where you can improve your ability to control your body's responses. All of this takes place under the direction of a therapist. ​ We are seeing fantastic results using this novel form of treatment for chronic stress, pain, and anxiety.