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SoulTree Meditation

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Soul Tree Meditations 1-1 Private Coaching Package is designed to teach you all of the fundamental basics of mediation, as well as how to advance your meditation using the power of your own imagination. The mechanics of energy and manifestation are also studied and applied to your own meditation practice. The 1-1 package aims to teach you everything you need to know about meditation and how to work with the dynamics of our minds and internal world to create positive change in every area of your life! All of the teachings and material will be tailored to your own personal life experience, showing you how to use your meditation practice and your mind to help you create positive change in any problem areas of your life. What you get with the 1-1 coaching package: • Meditation for Beginners Course • Meditation and Imagination Course • Meditation and Energy Course •2 2-hour long coaching calls with me where we assess your personal progress and situation. • In-depth meditation course material for all three courses full of tips, tricks, tools, and resources. *All communication will be done over zoom at this time. * The 1-1 coaching package is for those who are dedicated to learning about meditation and how to use it in various ways to greatly benefit and improve their life experience. You can book this 1-1 Private Coaching Package online! Feel free to visit my online booking page by clicking the link below, or contact me directly for further questions and information. By booking online, you are booking an introductory zoom meeting with me to further discuss the package, pricing, and other various options! I look forward to hearing from you!

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Reiki, Reflexology It's All Good: Health and Wellness

It's All Good: Health and Wellness


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Offering reiki treatments, ear hand and foot reflexology, hot and cold stone treatments, as well as raindrop therapy with hot stone treatment and more.



Personal Development Igniting the Fire Within

Igniting the Fire Within

Personal Development

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Helping you to master your mind and movement to create the life you've been dreaming of.