Counsellors offer help with mental health issues via in-person sessions or online therapy. This can include couples counselling, family counselling, or therapy for depression.

Counselling Practitioners


Sustained Health Behavior Change, Focusing on Lifestyle Medicine with xenohormetic whole-food plant nourishment in synergistic combinations, Adult Weight Management through micronutrient-dense approaches to well-being, Sports Peformance, and Evidence-based Supplements for you to be thriving! Fundamentally Thriving

Fundamentally Thriving

Sustained Health Behavior Change

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You are being offered exceptional, expert guidance for improving your wellbeing to feel all the better in your life by having the ultimate freedom of doing what you wish with your body when you wish to do it--feeling fresh throughout! You will experience improvements in your physical health parameters per proven methods that have sustainable impacts for you, your loved ones, possible other animal loved ones and the planet--simultaneously! To help you with this, I am focused on your agenda for your life as a hub of engagement, motivation, and confidence for further aligning your behaviors with your deepest and strongest priorities. Throughout this journey, I will be honoring the struggles and difficulties that may arise when making any kind of change, being present with your sense of engagement, orienting to your strongest motives within you (and their impact around you), while empowering you with the most proven and powerful approaches to healing, detoxifying, and optimizing your mind, body, and spirit that has been proven to maximize your health-span. Given my world-class training of coaching (accepted into the Motivational Interviewing Network of Trainers in Krakov, Poland), along with my other highly credible training (Master’s Degree in Human Nutrition, etc.), I offer you and/or your loved ones an engaging experience that's value-added for a wide-range of individuals that can vastly vary in their degrees of motivation. Depending on your/your loved one's degree of motivation, I ensure engagement, your agenda as primary, and collaboration with guidance while supporting your choice throughout, while still ensuring there is informed choice regarding where you are on the spectrum of health in relation to where you wish to be, with possibilities for improving any deeper desires or discrepancies therein. You know how profound it is to realize that we have just one body in this life! Now is your opportunity to start making either small or large changes (depending on where you are at) to either begin or evolve your wellbeing to the next level. The evidence-based approach of coaching will help you with your own sense of motivation, confidence, and alignment or not, while my other expertise in optimal health will provide convenient and easy possibilities for seeing and feeling results that last a lifetime. Welcome to you being pleasantly renewed if you choose. I am here as an option for helping you walk or run for you to ultimately have fulfillment and fun in this journey of life. For those of you wondering more of the how in all this, I use evidence-based motivational psychology to help you feel more motivated for your own reasons, paired with a non-judgemental approach of partnership that provides evidence-based guidance for enhancing your confidence and activation. This is paired with the strongest evience-based food approaches that have healing, detoxing, and/or thriving affects within the body. The especially unique angle I specialize in is not needing to count calorie, macro-nutrient, or any other counting type approach, nor long or effortful food preparation or cooking; rather, I invite you into eating more powerful plant combinations of whole-foods that synergistically lead to healing and optimal wellbeing in your body in the most convenient ways I have found that leave you satisfied in your fullness and nourishment.