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Acoustic Congruence, Access Bars, Energetic Synthesis of Structural Embodiment (ESSE) TAnderson Consulting

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Acoustic Congruence

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I’m an energy, animal and nature lover at the core of my being. (I’m pretty sure my tiny little feet hit the ground running!) I’ve always loved being energy — even though my whole life I was told to tone it down. Be quiet. You’re too loud. Too intense. Too much. Looking back, I can see that I burst many bubbles of limitation along the way... What I began to notice is how this clear non-verbal Acoustic Language exists in & around everything — people & animal body’s, spaces, relationships and much more... It’s all connected to quantum physics and our own natural energetic capacities— and it's not being talked about in a way that is clear. I'm here to be that difference. I offer a variety of natural and holistic alternative methods, products and tools that enhance energetic levels and generate a congruent flow within your Body. Sessions include hand on body manipulation as well as Intuitive/Awareness development and education. Classes include Body Communication & Advanced Energetic Awareness Techniques. So, if you’d like to know more -whether you’re looking for an energetic body upgrade, about to start a new job or a target, maybe you’re simply seeking something different for yourself, or perhaps you’re demanding to clear out what’s stopping you- physically, emotionally, financially, business or home-related— get in touch. Sessions are available in person or long distance. 30 minute Acoustic Congruence Phone Session - $65 plus tax 60 minute Acoustic Congruence Phone Session - $130 plus tax In person Access Bars /ESSE Body Session — $150 plus tax Session Packages Available