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Creating Great Health

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“Imagine that you have just given birth to your baby. You are exhausted but relieved, you feel pain but also joy, you have emotions come up that you didn’t even know you had in you and you have a big smile on your face as tears run down your cheeks.You have done it! You have birthed your baby your own unique way.Everyone present with you and your baby are supportive, have a calming effect on you, love you, and believe in you and your strength.You are amazing and you have created a miracle with the birth of your baby.During the birthing time you felt listened to and included in every decision made. You felt calm and relaxed knowing that you are in the best hands. You felt it was ok to ask questions and to change your mind if something didn’t feel right for you. You felt confident with your choices and your birthing team assisted you in your birthing time in the best way possible.You felt supported in doing birth your way.”My goal as your Holistic Doula is to provide you with the best birthing experience possible. I work with you during pregnancy to establish a great foundation for the upcoming birth. Together we figure out how you would like the birth to happen and I will work with the rest of your birthing team to help you achieve your unique birth. Knowing that birth is unpredictable and ever changing, we will discuss various situations where we might need to adjust our expectations to the birth, and this still means that you need to feel safe, supported and included, we are going to accommodate as many of your wishes for your birth as we possibly can. I will also be there to support you after the birth of your baby with breastfeeding, connecting with your baby, healing on all levels and share resources with you.I’m looking forward to working with you. Connect with me via ayoecreatinggreathealth@gmail.com and let’s have a chat.Love and LightAyoeCreating Great Health offers holistic doula services in South Surrey & White Rock, BC.

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Counselling Daisy Bai Counselling

Daisy Bai Counselling


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Daisy takes a holistic, genuine and compassionate stance to providing personal and mental health related support for adults of diverse cultural backgrounds. As a keen believer in the power of energy healing, Daisy brings focus on actualizing mind-body-spirit connection to help clients establish a balanced, grounded, and enlightened state of being. Bilingual in English and Chinese (Mandarin), and fluent in Japanese, Daisy’s multicultural upbringings from living and traveling around the world have granted her profound openness to cultural and individual diversities. Corresponding to her values of social interest and social justice, Daisy is passionate about empowering people in vulnerable situations by bringing awareness to various forms of social oppressions and their longstanding impact. She is experienced and enthusiastic about accompanying individuals, couples, LGBTQ, cultural minorities and immigrants, on their personal healing journey and spiritual growth.Areas of focus include:Mood Disorders and Dysregulations (i.e. Depression, Anxiety, Bipolar, Anger Management, Self-Harm, Suicidality…etc.)Relationship CounsellingFamily counsellingExploration of Sexuality, Coming OutMulticultural and Cross-cultural concernsImmigrant Settlement or Acculturation ChallengesTraumaStress ManagementLife or Career TransitionsPersonal and Spiritual DevelopmentSpecialty Practices and Interests:Mindfulness, meditation, yoga therapyCertified REIKI level I and II practitionerAromatherapyHolistic nutritionIntegrative energy work.



Acupuncture Matrix Magic Acupressure

Matrix Magic Acupressure


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What moves the blood through the circulatory system? What makes our hearts beat? Energy. Organ meridians have predictable flows of energy. For 5,000 years, Acupuncturists/ Acupressurists have studied how energy moves throughout the body and how the pathways follow a set pattern each 24 hour cycle. The pathways of energy are divided into 12 channels, or meridians according to the nature of energy flow from head to feet, feet to chest, chest to hands or hands to head. Chi flows through the body beginning with the lung channel of the hand and ends at the liver channel of the foot.Acu-points are 0.5-1 degree hotter  and have measurable electro-magnetic qualities. An acu-point has 10 times the level of adrenaline in the blood than the surrounding areas suggesting a link between meridians and endocrine gland regulation. The endocrine gland releases hormones which influence mood, regulation growth and development, tissue function, and metabolism, as well as sexual function and reproductive processes. The channels are named after the organs that they nourish and are outlined along with the time of day the energy is most active in the meridian.Each meridian mirrors itself on the opposite side of the body (except stomach, the only yang channel going down the front of the body) The energy flows through the meridians much like electricity flows through a copper wire circuit. These channels connect muscles, tissue, tendons, blood, marrowfrom torso to fingertip (along inside of arm–yin)from fingertip to face (along outside/back of arm–yang)from face to feet (along outside of leg–yang)from feet to torso (along inside of the leg–yin)Three times through this four-step process covers the twelve major meridians.Merdians 24 hour cycle and emotional manifestation of imbalance:1. LUNG MERIDIAN (3am – 5am); grief, intolerance2. LARGE INTESTINE MERIDIAN (5am – 7am); guilt3. STOMACH MERIDIAN (7am – 9am); disgust, greed4. SPLEEN MERIDIAN (9am – 11am); worry, anxiety about the future5. HEART MERIDIAN (11am – 1pm); joy, anger6. SMALL INTESTINE MERIDIAN (1pm – 3pm); insecurity, sadness7. BLADDER MERIDIAN (3pm – 5pm); fright, impatient, restless8. KIDNEY MERIDIAN (5pm – 7pm); fear, indecision9. PERICARDIUM (7pm – 9pm); hurt, extreme joy, jealousy, regret10. TRIPLE WARMER (9pm – 11pm); hopelessness, depression, despair11. GALL BLADDER MERIDIAN (11pm – 1am); rage, wrath12. LIVER MERIDIAN (1am – 3am); anger, unhappiness.



Energy Healing, Seichem Tera Mai nCircle Wellness

nCircle Wellness

Energy Healing

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Helping women reconnect to their Higher Selves.-Bio-Energy Healing-Access Consciousness-Seichem Tera Mai-Workshops - Energy HealingBio - Energy Healing Get your energy flowing as it should! **Bio-Energy** is a powerful healing technique that flushes stuck energy out of the seven main chakras.  By restoring the natural flow, it allows your body to heal at all levels. Some of the benefits of Bio-Energy:-reduces physical pains and aches-clears eczema and allergies-releases emotions such as guilt, fear, anger, etc-increases confidence, creativity and energy levels-alleviates insomnia, anxiety, stress and depression-cuts unhealthy attachments and negative family loyalties-increases mental clarity and intuition. A full treatment of Bio Energy consists of 5 sessions: 4 consecutive sessions (4 days in a row, or once a week for 4 weeks in a row)-a follow up session, 3-5 weeks after the last consecutive one. The sessions are primarily no-touch. The client stands for most of the time as the practitioner flushes out energy blockages. **Seichem Tera MaiConnect with Source** Seichem is a deep healing technique from the traditions of ancient Egypt.   It channels the energy of the elements of Earth(Reiki), Fire (Sakara),  Air (Angeliclight), and Water (Sophi-El.) It  brings intention through more than 35 symbols. These are some of the benefits of Seichem:-reduces physical pain-releases emotional blockages-helps to change negative mental patterns-heals memory of trauma at cellular and DNA level-connects with inner child-releases paid karma, and mistakes of our ancestors-helps through changes-grounds-calls for abundance-manifests desires-integrates our four bodies-raises consciousness-connects to higher wisdom. The client lies down on a massage table, fully clothed. Slight hand touch is applied. **Access Consciousness Bars** Access Consciousness Bars unlocks limitation of thoughts, feelings and emotions.   It prepares you to open up to infinite possibilities, so that your life flows with ease, joy and abundance! The benefit of running the Bars is that it deletes erroneous beliefs about healing, creativity, money, aging, control, etc. It helps with:-stress reduction-better sleep, concentration and relaxation-ADD and ADHD--making fast change in habits. A session is about 1 hr long. The client lies down on a massage table, fully clothed. Slight touch to different parts of the head will be applied. **Ceremonial Drumming sessions** Drumming has been used by many cultures as a mean for healing, mourning and celebrating.  The drumming sessions I'm offering can be done for an individual person, a person accompanied by another, or a small group.  The sessions can stand alone or be combined with any of the other healing modalities I practice. Benefits:-releasing of emotions-processing the loss of a dear one, a relationship, etc.-celebrating an event-grounding-anchoring affirmations. (Sliding Scale Available for those in need)