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Floating is an opportunity to reconnect with the self, to reunite with your core being, removed of all the distractions and stresses of life. Slip into a state of deep relaxation while floating effortlessly in Epsom Salt dissolved in water. If you don’t like confined spaces you can float with the pod lid up or sprawl out in one of our large deluxe float rooms while listening to gentle calming music or in silence. Infrared is an invisible wavelength of therapeutic light, experienced as heat, that safely penetrates human tissue to raise core body temperature. Infrared heat is very gentle and healthy for all living things. Its medical grade quality is used by various physicians, and it is even used to warm babies in the hospital. Unlike traditional saunas, which solely heat the air around you and operate in excess of 200°F, Infrared heat warms the body within you and is effective at a more comfortable temperature, between 100°-145°F, producing a deep sweat.

About Float Life Health Inc.

I was listening to a Joe Rogan Podcast episode where he mentioned that he had his own float tank in his house and how great it was for his body and mind. This got me more intrigued and we began researching the industry. Soon thereafter, we put together a business plan and started looking for potential locations. The idea of starting a Float Center excited us both as we were at a crossroads in our lives and looking for something to put our energy into. We ended up hitting a few snags along the way though which forced us to find another city. Ultimately, we decided on Calgary as our next potential location.


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