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No two people are the same and should never be treated as such. I have always appreciated the individually of every single person that I meet and here is a medicine that perfectly emulates this sense. The amazing thing is it treats people at the energetic level and reminds the body how to heal itself. Most homeopathic medicines dispensed by Norine are included in consultation fee. Book Your Free Consultation

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I myself had started treatment with a Homeopath for reoccurring pneumonias, asthma and grief. I began to experience better health and a sense of overall well being with treatment. The physical illness was a direct result of the suppression of grief and when given a medicine that targeted the grief I returned back to a state of physical and mental health like when I was a child. This was enough proof for me that Homeopathy is an amazing alternative so I moved to Toronto for three years to secure the best education in the medical art of homeopathic medicine that one can attain in Canada.

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