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Saskatoon Holistic Nutrition, Natural Medicine, Theta Healing, Quantume Healing, Dowsing and Thought Field Therapy. She continues studies in Homeopathy, Homeotoxicology and Herbology.

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Most people truly want to be healthy, but only have vague ideas of what to do to achieve health. Let me show you how. Michele uses a well rounded approach when developing a protocol to help her patients achieve optimal health.

About Build Health Naturally

Michele has been interested in Integrative Medicine for several years, dabbling here and there. She got serious about investigating a field suited to her around 1990 when her youngest son was born prematurely, with the accompanying health problems. After spending considerable time and money following conventional medicine practitioner’s advice, her son’s health was not improving. She decided to try a Chinese medicine practitioner. Following his advice for only a few weeks coupled with some home methods, improved her son’s health drastically and he has maintained optimal health since then. Today he is a gifted athlete.

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I left my abusive husband 2 years ago and moved into a Sask housing supplemented building. I have always been extremely chemically sensitive, as well as...



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