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We are devoted to giving you the techniques to navigate self-healing and take control of your health through nutrition and yoga. We are committed to providing a socially supportive, safe, and non-judgmental space to reorient the body and mind to potentiate personal and communal well-being. We specialize in digestive and women's health nutrition and offer a yoga practice that works bones and joints to organize organs for better function.

About Embodhi Nutrition & Yoga

Lesley believes that every body has the ability to heal and thrive. It is her mission to give you the tools to engage in your personal self-healing and to be your detective and educator along the way to support you in uncovering the root cause of your health concerns. Functional nutrition understands the whole person, addresses the terrain from which your signs, symptoms or diagnosis manifested and teaches you how to take control of your health. Lesley’s interest in functional nutrition comes from her own struggle to heal her digestive system to improve hormonal health. She began to truly understand that there is more to nutritional health than generic recommendations or protocols and quick fixes. Every body is different and effective preventative health care needs to address you as a unique individual in its approach to healing. The Katonah Yoga practice found Lesley in Edmonton, AB in 2016. She practiced and trained under Kat Villain with additional training from the founder of Katonah Yoga, Nevine Michaan. What drew her initially to this style of yoga was the formality of the practice that helped her to tune in and align/reorient her body to relieve 7 years of sciatic nerve pain. It was at that time that she learned that each of us is able to participate in our own physical and mental well-being. Now, it is the communal aspect of the practice and its ability to put you in the body to bring new insights and perspectives on life that has kept her practicing every day. Katonah's use of metaphors, myths and magic lead Lesley to realize her potential and create what is now Embodhi Nutrition and Yoga to share what Katonah Yoga has to offer and fuse it with her love for food and nutrition in her home of Halifax.


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