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Ammolite Wellness Centre, the home of Crystal Mapping, is a health and wellness coaching service for women and the men in our lives, to feel stronger, wiser, more vibrant, and more empowered than ever before!

My name is Maria Koropecky and I'm a Certified Wellness Coach and Spa Therapist. You may also see me around Calgary giving talks and doing fundraising for the Neurological Wellness Association.

Wellness coaching covers a lot of ground — everything from fitness and nutrition, rest and relaxation, healthier lifestyle choices, relationships, career and aging gracefully.

Together, in our Wellness Coaching sessions, we will focus mainly on...
* Practicing Self-Care
* Wellness Walking
* My easy version of Intermittent Fasting
* And of course, Wellness Coaching!

A healthy body starts with a healthy mind and our weekly coaching conversations will help you gain CLARITY, STRENGTH and FREEDOM to live your life the way you want!

If you feel in your heart that you would like to work with me as you reach your own health and wellness goals, then go for it and connect with me! Let's do this together!

Book a free consultation appointment with me, Maria, today!

About Ammolite Wellness Centre

My name is Maria and I’m a Certified Wellness Coach and Spa Therapist based in Calgary, Alberta.

To me, health means freedom!

I have recently walked my own life-changing Camino in Spain and I firmly believe I could not have gone on my adventure and climbed those mountains without being healthy in mind, body and spirit and practicing self-care first.

Practicing self-care is a vital part of healthy living and self-care is any activity – like applying cream on your hands, or writing in a journal, or admiring a flower – that we do deliberately – in order to take care of our mental, emotional, spiritual and physical health. The far-reaching benefits include: increased longevity, higher self-worth and freedom to enjoy life.

I received my Life Coaching and Mentoring training from the Rayner Institute in 2015. I also have experience as a Spa Therapist and had my own mobile spa business, Homespunspa Mobile Spa, from 2011 to 2019. I’m also a certified Crystal Reader and I created Crystal Mapping sessions out of my own imagination because I’ve noticed many people are as fascinated with crystals as I am.

Now, I’m looking to help other people plan and train for their own positive experiences and release any extra baggage that may be weighing them down and keeping them from shining their light.

If walking your own Camino is on your bucket list or if you'd simply like to improve the quality of your life, I’m currently accepting new coaching clients, so please feel free to contact me, Maria, and book your free consultation appointment to explore your options!

Cheers to your health!


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