About Marsaye Treen, Registered Psychotherapist

I work using both somatic (body) as well as talk therapies (psycho dynamic). I find this combination to be more profound than just one modality. I am warm, relational, in depth and practical. I am very client directed and focused; which means that what is present for you is our guide. My goal is for this to be a positive experience where you feel safe, heard and seen in my office. Like many therapists, I have several areas of practice in which I feel distinctly equipped to work. These include recovery from interpersonal trauma and abuse, including childhood and adult sexual abuse, neglect (another form of abuse-trauma), communication difficulty in relationships including friendships, family and couples, the stress of everyday living, grief of all kinds, couple issues, separation and divorce, attachment issues (usually starting from childhood), family issues as well I work with clients who experience symptoms of post traumatic stress disorder, complex post traumatic stress disorder and dissociative disorders.

I bring extensive experience with mental illness and trauma. Along side of working with my psychotherapy clients, I have worked in the community for many years as an Ontario Disability Employment Support Service Provider, With this I have worked in a combined role with clients with Mental Health issues. The roles include: Life Skills Coach, Career Counsellor, Job Developer, Mediator (with clients and their families and employers/employees) and Psychotherapist to assist clients to discover their strengths, skills and capabilities and then to assist them to find employment and to maintain function in the workplace. In this role

I completed my studies in Hakomi Body-Centred Psychotherapy and have additional training in mindfulness practice, clinical interventions for the treatment of complex trauma and dissociative disorders. I have also studied Somatic Experiencing and at the Adler School of Professional Psychology. I am trained in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) and have completed numerous workshops in psychodrama, Internal Family Systems, Attachment Focused EMDR, Family Constellations and the Grief Recovery Method.

I am a Registered Psychotherapist with the College of Registered Psychotherapists of Ontario (CRPO). And am a member in good standing with the Canadian Association for Psychodynamic Therapy (CAPT). I value professional development and receive ongoing peer consultation as well as clinical supervision from registered social workers and psychotherapists.
I work in a practical and supportive way to assist you to feel safe and positive in your exploration and creation of the life you want.