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My clients are those that are requiring heart healing, they have had great loss in their life or trauma, they are functioning in a storm-such as caregiving to a sick family member. My clients are teenage girls living with high anxiety, children with autism, those with sciatic pain, chronic pain, going through chemo treatments.

Both Reiki and Reflexology work on Chi-Life Force Energy. We have meridians that run up and down our body and keeping these flowing, keeps you at your optimum health, even with a dire diagnosis or severe pain. I have been practicing Reiki and Reflexology since 2016 I believe as a practitioner that Reiki works on the emotional blocks while Reflexology works on the physical blocks. This is why the modalities work so well together. I had been taking my daughter that is now 12 with severe cerebral palsy for treatments and saw how much relief the treatments gave her. I then started the process of training myself. My daughter was booked for 2 twelve hour surgeries with a day of rest in between and with a month hospital stay. I wanted to offer the treatments at home and for my family during this time. I saw the power of Reiki and Reflexogy and am very thankful for these modalities.

Reiki Benefits: stress relief, promotes relaxation and better sleep, accelerates the body's self healing ability, helps relieve pain.

Reflexology Benefits: creates relaxation, reduces anxiety, diminishes pain, improves blood flow, targets areas by pressure to reflex points on the feet that correspond to the body.

About Reiki and Reflexology with Lisa Morissette

Certified Reflexologist from Atlantic School of Reflexology great for relaxation, healing and stress reduction, also Reiki Master Teacher.

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