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BEMER Vascular Therapy been used with great success in Germany for 21 years, and is newly available in Canada. It is the most researched drug-free vascular therapy available today and BEMER's mechanism of action is vastly different than ALL other PEMF devices.

Have you ever wondered what "causes" good health? Most people think of their health in terms of their body parts, for example a healthy heart, a healthy brain, etc. We aren’t just a collection of parts and organs, but rather a collection of about 100 trillion cells. If micro-circulation to each cell is improved, cardiac function is enhanced which mean better delivery of oxygen and nutrients to the cells, physical fitness, endurance, strength and energy increase, mental acuity and concentration are improved, detoxification processes improve, stress is reduced and sleep quality improves. All cells in the body, regardless of their function are positively affected by improved blood flow. BEMER is changing the way we think about our health, challenging our understanding of the human body, and empowering us to reach optimal physical condition in a natural, non-invasive way.

A BEMER energy experience is deeply relaxing, and you will learn what can change in only 8 minutes. BEMER has been clinically-proven, and is backed by a Class II Medical Device license from Health Canada.

Experience BEMER, and know that you can FEEL BETTER TOMORROW THAN YOU DO TODAY!

About Energy Therapy

My name is Sue Adams I have been working with BEMER over four years and have provided sessions for well over 1,000 people. I have seen the results people experience, and when I have an opportunity to educate about the science behind this system and the mechanisms of action that are occurring, it gives people hope that positive change is possible.

Most natural health practitioners would agree that our natural state is "well being" and our bodies are always striving to for optimal health - we just have to give them what they need! A fundamental principle in natural health is that "All Healing is Proportionate to Blood Flow" and that statement alone makes BEMER one of the most intelligent and safe ways to support vibrant health.

I urge everyone to feel empowered about their physical health because that is the first step to better health and enduring wellness. The complexities of hopelessness are endless, but the knowledge that our bodies are capable of performing well for us is the key! The effects of aging, chronic stress, illness and injuries are challenges most people face at some point. Talk to me about my experience in reversing the trend for myself.

Science has progressed in ways we never imagined, and energy medicine is the medicine of the future.


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