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Our Body is Our MessengerWhen we are feeling physical discomfort, overwhelm, disconnection or anxiety there is a reason.When life impacts us through events that have caused us to experience shock, trauma, chronic or acute stress, our nervous system can get stuck in a defensive mode where it is just maintaining survival. These states expend considerable energy and cause a breakdown in communication in the body.  Leading to the body’s resources being moved away from maintaining the day to day healthy functioning we need.Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy is about restoring the nervous system back into a state of balance so your body can support itself to heal.Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapy(BCST) is a unique and gentle, touch based therapy that acknowledges the health in the body.  When we slow ourselves down enough we can feel into our bodies, with a new awareness. Our body’s show subtle rhythms of movement as their expression of health. This movement can be found in all living things as they are breathing at a cellular level and exchanging fluid to maintain health.As BCST therapists we are trained to feel these rhythms in the body, and with sensitive knowing hands we can identify places where the expression of health needs optimizing.We hold a unique therapeutic space of neutrality, with a calm centred presence; a trained, balanced, resourced nervous system that guides your body to remember it’s inner health and wisdom.  Within this space neutral listening happens; as the body senses this safe, inviting space it begins to unfold and reorganize towards a more communicative and efficient expression of health.When our body is able to self regulate- that is move back and forth with ease through states of exertion and activation to rest and realignment. We have balance and fewer health concerns arise as we can access our innate healing capability.Let’s revitalize your life, restore your health; bring joyand energy back to you..

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