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Southampton Fibromyalgia, Depression, PTSD, Chronic Pain, Trauma, Anger, Sleep Deprivation utiilizing Clinical and Metaphysical Hypnotherapy, NLP, Various Energy Methods, Tantric and Shamanic Practices

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You are not alone. I got you!!
It’s time to step into your personal power!

A powerful healing program is one that is tailored to you and empowers your mind, your body and your energy. Everything that happens to you effects you on all levels and therefore in order for you to heal permanently, I’ve mastered a process that takes a whole body approach.

It is time move from victim to victor of your story!!

Utilizing a combination of Hypnotherapy, NLP, Energy Work, Tantric awareness practices and Transformational Solution Coaching to convert you into freedom as well as Self Love Mastery.

You are a unique individual and because of this, the methods I choose for you will work directly at eliminating the root of your challenges, not just the symptoms.

Testimonial - Working with Ayse has not only been amazing ... but life-changing! She helped me move through some pretty heavy issues that were holding me back in every area of my life. It's true, I had "issues in my tissues". lol! Thanks to her amazing guidance I experienced many break-throughs and once you break through there is no going back! I am Living my Best life now! Thanks, Ayse!!! I am in Awe and forever grateful! Contact her to experience the loving way she can help you break through your issues. I cried a lot and loved every minute of it. - L Hansen

About The Chakra House of Healing

I was just like you, and now … I love my life !

I believe that in each one of us, there is a story to tell. I used to define and victimize myself based on the situations and circumstances that happened in my life. Everything was defined by the pain that I had endured. All the decisions that I made were based on the feeling I was being punished for something.

I became very good at acting like everything was great, but that was all an exterior mask because on the inside I was dying and loathed my life and myself.

In my early 40’s my father passed away and that unleashed everything I had been suppressing all at once and brought me to a point where I was planning the end of my life and actually found myself quite happy about it.

I could see the end to my pain and it felt satisfying somehow.

And then, 2 women came into my life; a Reiki Master and a Hypnotist. Things changed for me rapidly after that. There was still a healing journey ahead of me but I had the will to live and began to see my story in a new light.

I am here now 10 years later, certified in everything that saved me and then some. I feel victorious about my story and all the things I learned from it. I’ve let go of my triggers and limiting beliefs. Everyday for me is ample, thriving and fabulous.

If you think you are stuck, you’re not. In fact, far from it. I’ve taken the best of everything I’ve learned and integrated it into a powerful personalised dynamic and integrative protocol that will release you from the pain, and allow you to live a normal, empowered life.

Are you ready to be set free? If the answer is yes, I’m ready to help you get there.
When I began my own healing journey, I became hungry to learn what was happening to me. I loved the changes in my body, my mind, and my energy. I wanted to make sure I could keep it going. So I began studying day and night.

Let me tell you about some of my certifications.

Transformational Coach specializing in Personal Growth and Development
Master Clinical Hypnotherapist and Instructor
Metaphysical Hypnotherapist and Instructor
Reiki Master and Teacher
Tantric Practitioner
Shamanic Practitioner
Doctorate in Philosophy
Ordained Non-Denominational Spiritual Minister

Testimonial - Having had fibromyalgia for nearly 25 years, I feel blessed for finding the help I needed to overcome this illness' greatest challenges. Like many with fibromyalgia I suffered with IBS, migraines and constant, aching pain so intense at times that it felt like my bones would break. I experienced the overwhelming fatigue and mental exhaustion brought about by sleepless nights as well as the isolation that comes with chronic pain and fatigue. I was frustrated, angry and afraid, feeling that my body had betrayed me. Conventional medicine gave me limited options which were either ineffectual or had severe side effects, adding to the frustration that I was feeling. I was convinced that there had to be a solution and as a result of my continual search, some improvements were made but nothing would eliminate the pain. It wasn’t until I found Ayse that things really started to happen. Ayse’s knowledge and compassion impressed me immediately. Her holistic approach to illness was unfamiliar to me but she took the time to explain it, quoting several sources to help me understand. Using her Enhanced Energy Communication protocol and modalities such as hypnosis, CBD, and Reiki, she quickly got me started down the path to recovery. Thanks to Ayse’s healing guidance and the tools she has given me, I’ve left the pain of fibromyalgia behind and discovered the person that has been hidden for so long.
I am eternally grateful. - D.Creces


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