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Our online practice is to assist you with the following:
- help with any skin concerns using our Skinveda brand (an ayurvedic skincare brand using less is more and very effective herbs and essential oils to heal) and 18 years experience as a Skincare Chemist and Medicinal Scientist for major cosmetics and pharmaceutical industries.
- assist you with starting up a personal care brand including assist you with formulations.
- help you identify your mind-body imbalances that lead to skin issues
-help you with vegetarian and vegan nutritional plan for staying health and weight maintenance
-help you with stress release using the power of diet, and yoga and nutritional supplements

About SASA Cosmetics and Consulting

Shilpi Jain graduated with a Masters' degree in Chemistry magna cum laude from the University of Toronto with 5 publications and 2 patents focusing on thioureas and CVD precursors towards finding cures for cancer. Shilpi has 18 years direct experience as a Medicinal Scientist working on obesity drug development and Cosmetic Chemist working on Ayurvedic skincare and personal care brands like Jack Black, Elta MD, Revision Skincare, Lily of the Desert, Aloe Vera of America, Art of Shaving, Image Skincare, Freeman Beauty, Obagi, and many more. Shilpi has been practicing Ayurveda healing in her personal life and sees tremendous difference in her health and stress levels. Shilpi started her skincare brand called Skinveda (The Science of Skin) in 2013 in Whole Foods and has seen a huge demand for Ayurvedic skincare based on your doshas using very pure, and powerful synergy of herbs and oils.


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