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CounsellingQualified – Competent – Experienced – Results.I am a Registered Clinical Counsellor (RCC) in Victoria, BC and an Internationally Certified Addictions Counsellor (ICADC) from the Canadian Addiction Counsellors Certification Federation (CACCF)With over 25 years of extensive clinical counsellor and teaching experience in residential treatment programs, mental health out-patient clinics, employee and family assistance programs, colleges/universities, government and corporate setings and in private practice for counsellors, I can support you in feeling better and healing from issues such as:Anxiety/DepressionSubstance Misuse/Addiction (Including sex, food, gambling, shopping)Low Self-EsteemRelationships/Couples/Marriage Counselling, Affairs and InfidelityCareer/Life Transitions (lay-offs, retraining, getting fired, separation, divorce, illness and injury, moving to another city)Grief and Loss (loved ones – including pets)Emotion Management (Anger/Violence)Non-Violent Communication (NVC)Pain ManagementBody Acceptance IssuesEating DisordersSexualityPositive Psychology/Personal Growth (Positive psychology is a recent branch of psychology that studies the strengths and virtues that enable individuals and communities to thrive. Positive psychology seeks to find and nurture wellness and sustainable growth and to make normal life more fulfilling, not to cure mental illness.)Spiritual Development I specialize in the following areas:Anxiety and DepressionMarriage and Relationship CounsellingStress, Burnout, Compassion Fatigue, Vicarious Trauma or Secondary Trauma for professional helpers (counselors, social workers, nurses, correctional/justice workers, military, firefighters, paramedics, physicians, police officers, mental health counsellors, teachers etc.)Substance Misuse/Addiction (Including assessment, treatment and aftercare)Physical and Emotional/Attachment  TraumasParenting Consultations (Triple P Parenting) I use the following therapeutic modes of psychotherapy/counselling:Cognitive Behavioral TherapySomatic Transformation (ST) PsychotherapyIntegrative Body Psychotherapy (IBP)5Rhythms Movement Therapy and CounsellingMindfulness Based CounsellingPsycho-Social Model of Substance Abuse/Addictions (Including sex, food and gambling)Social ConstructivismTranspersonal PsychologyGestalt PsychotherapyExistential PsychotherapyNeuro-linguistic Programming (NLP)Triple P Positive Parenting ProgrammingConsultations/Interventions for Businesses, Government and Not for Profit Organizations:As a professional educator and mediator, I can provide you or your organization, management team, employees, volunteers and/or board members with brief or on-going training, consultation and intervention in the following areas.Conflict ResolutionTeam BuildingCritical Incident Stress Management (CISM)Employee Performance, Motivation and Behavioral Issues.Effective CommunicationWork-Life BalanceStress ManagementAddictions in the WorkplaceJim Kragtwyk is the only 5Rhythms® Movement Psychotherapist/Counsellor in private practice in CanadaMovement psychotherapy is a therapeutic and innovative approach for counsellors that integrates psychotherapy and counselling with expressive authentic and healing movement, breath-work, body and sensory awareness and imagery.It is a process that helps guide you to the creative and healing instincts available within yourself. Movement psychotherapy opens doors to personal growth, healing and change. It is a transformational process for emotional release, psychological integration, spiritual wellness, and fostering a healthy connection to your body, heart, mind and spirit.The ultimate goal is to help you take what you learn in Movement Psychotherapy into your daily life, so that you can develop a more loving relationship with yourself and others, build a richer and more satisfying life, and achieve a greater sense of wholeness.Movement Psychotherapy can help you:Anxiety/DepressionSubstance Misuse/AddictionSelf-EsteemRelationships/CouplesCareer/Life TransitionsGrief and LossEmotion Management (Anger/Violence)Pain ManagementBody Acceptance IssuesSexualityPositive Psychology/Personal GrowthSpiritual DevelopmentStress, Burnout, Vicarious Trauma or Secondary TraumaPTSD, Childhood Physical, Emotional and Sexual AbuseRead Jim’s published article on Medicine Moves – 5Rhythms Movement Psychotherapy and Counselling in the BCACC Insights into Counselling Journal.

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