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Valley Yoga Centre-a therapeutic approach to yoga.  Yoga can assist with recover from illness or injury and to help build core strength, bone density and balance.  Regular practice can help manage stress and promote physical mobility.  With over 30 years combined teaching experience Erin, Sandy, Kim, Mara and Ana are uniquely qualified to support you on your personal yoga journey.Class DescriptionsGentle Yoga |A gentle practice exploring breathing practices, mindful movement, and relaxation. Slow paced with modifications given.Restorative Yoga | Take time to settle into poses and feel your way through the body with slow stretches.  Suitable for people with injuries and those recovering from illness.  All levels welcome.Therapeutic Yoga |  This is a Registered Only class (no Drop Ins) with a maximum number of students. We welcome students who, due to ongoing illness or injury are unable to attend our regular yoga classes. Individual attention and support will be provided.I’ve Got Your Back | Do you have a sore, tight back?  Hips?  Shoulders?  In this therapeutic class we will attend to these areas through gentle yoga postures and props like the Magic Mitra.  All levels welcome.Slow Flow | This is a great way to end the day!  Slow Flow is a flowing vinyasa style class where postures of varying challenge levels are strung together with the intention of co-ordinating movement and breath, stretching and strengthening the whole body.  Inspired by the Vijnana yoga tradition.Level One Beginner |  For beginner students with little or no experience with yoga.  The basics of yoga will be introduced, as well as modifications given for tightness and injury concerns.  This is a progressive class as we will be building on what is introduced throughout the session.Level One Ongoing | For students with previous yoga experience.  New postures will be introduced.Yin Yang  |   Our practice will combine active, warming Yang style yoga with slow paced, meditative, longer held Yin postures. Yin yoga targets the connective tissue of the body helping to release areas of deeply held tension.50+    This adaptive class is designed with consideration of strength, mobility, and wellbeing. This class is suitable for most, there will be flowing sequence of postures.Somatics | A class recommended for those who have persistent pain and limited mobility.  A gentle, functional, neuromuscular retraining to release tension and pain to increase ease of movement and enjoyment of life.  All movements are done lying down.We have this Soma body that is all knowing and intuitive.  Our job is to take time to pause to be silent and listen to the intelligence and the many languages the body speaks to us.Consider the Impossible as I’m possible.Norishing | This class is about connecting to your tissues. This class is geared toward deep release throughout the facial layers and about relaxation.  We’ll work with yin style yoga poses, leaving a little room to wiggle and with bouncy balls for self massage. At the end of each class there will be a Yoga Nidra practice (long guided svasana) for deep relaxation.Chair Yoga | This class is for those who may have mobility limitations and would like to enjoy the benefits of yoga with the support of a chair. We will bring mobility to the whole body and joints, explore the breath, release stress and calm the mind. No experience is necessary. All are welcome.

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