You Are Not Alone Elder Care LLC


You Are Not Alone Elder Care LLC

End of Life Doula, Elder Companion, Reiki Practitioner

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Woodbridge Township, NJ





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About You Are Not Alone Elder Care LLC

I am currently living my best life by providing service to elders and their loved ones. My life’s mission is to promote the final years as a sacred, beautiful, honourable stage of life. I am a hospice volunteer, a certified end-of-life doula, a person who assists in the dying process (much like a birth doula does with the birthing process), a certified reiki practitioner, and an elder companion. Working with elderly patients and their loved ones has been life affirming.

I serve as a non-medical elder companions who specialize in physical, emotional and spiritual care. I meet my clients on their terms, see them as whole, and build relationships with them and their loved ones. My self-care regimen, personal growth and intuition allow me to mindfully hold space and provide comfort for elderly people and their family in a non-judgmental, loving manner. My motto “heart to heart” is evident in the holistic elder companionship I provide. Holding this space decreases the stress and fears family members face, when trying to care for their loved ones, especially at the end of life.

Through extensive end-of-life doula training, I am able to provide support, education, and suggestions for comfort. I have a toolkit of available resources to ease the anxious person and their family members including essential oils, crystals, reiki, mindfulness practices, etc. I have often been referred to as “angel”, “Godsend”, “extraordinary”, “beyond belief” and words of the like. Contact me TODAY to see how we can be of assistance to you TOMORROW and I promise to assist in enhancing the life of your loved elder.