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Marlayna Tillery MScN

Holistic Nutrition


I hope to nourish lives and support personal journeys through my nutrition knowledge by promoting food as medicine for body, mind, and soul. I offer personalized nutritional therapy consultations that are specifically tailored to the individual's journey. I specialize mainly in women’s health, pre-conception, and gastrointestinal issues.

In the first 60-minute consultation, we will review intake forms, medical history, food story, nutrition and lifestyle, personal goals and obstacles. In the next couple days after the first consultation, I will send educational resources and a personalized nutrition plan. Follow-up appointments are 30-minutes long. The first follow-up appointment is focused on client questions, progress, obstacles, support, additional resources.

Continual support will be offered through emails. Recipe and meal plans are personalized to the individuals nutrition needs, preferences and lifestyle.

About Marlayna Tillery MScN

Growing up I suffered with allergies, asthma, severe eczema, nosebleeds and a poor relationship with food that made me sick mentally and physically. Unfortunately, I have a lot of family health history that really changed my journey with food and my health. Not only did I want to help myself, I was determined to help my family and our future generations. In 2017, I achieved my Bachelors in Nutritional Sciences at the University of Arizona and soon after, I set off to Portland, Oregon to attend the National University of Natural Medicine for my Masters in Nutritional Sciences where I gained the education and experience in clinical nutrition with a food as medicine and whole body approach to nutrition. During my masters journey, I’ve studied medical nutrition therapy, healing foods, cooking, lifecycle nutrition, therapeutic diets, health coaching, Ayurvedic practices, and clinical nutrition. I’ve worked as a team member for the Food as Medicine Everyday Series, cooking alongside community members and implementing nutrition education. Interned with Nutritional Love that required extensive research in women’s health, fertility, and postpartum. Practiced nutrition counseling at NUNM’s clinic working with a variety of different cases.

I think it’s important to remember that our food stories are always evolving as we endure different chapters of our life. Last year, my food story drastically changed as I discovered I had SIBO, Small Intestinal Overgrowth, as well as chronic fatigue syndrome and chronic fevers which was caused by a reactivation of Epstein Barr Virus. For my body to heal, I was advised to start eating meat again therapeutically, after being vegan for five years. Our food stories are always evolving and that’s okay! I want to learn your food story and the importance it has on your health and happiness.

I am an anti-diet, health at every size nutritionist. Restriction and shame does not bring joy and health should be joyful. With my nutrition counseling, I want to provide a safe space to talk about your own evolving food story, lifestyle behaviors, body and self-acceptance and how these factors affect health. I want to bring joy into your life, healing and preventing but providing tools to regain being full of life, love, and of course food.


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