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Naturopathic Medicine…is a health system based on prevention first.Naturopathic Medicine is based on the healing power of nature.By enlisting the use of natural substances the Naturopathic Physician can assist the body’s own healing capabilities to restore health and balance.Naturopathic Medicine views each person as a whole individual, thus taking in every aspect of that individual’s life when treating any health related issues. The primary goal is to facilitate wellness, empower self-healing and increase quality of life on all levels.Naturopathic Medicine can help to reduce or prevent many future or chronic health concerns through prevention, restoration and self-empowerment.Dr. Cooper’s Focus:Senior HealthAttention Deficit Disorders/AutismAllergies using  easy to follow detoxificationWeight ChangesConstitutional HydrotherapyNaturopathic TrainingGraduate of The Natural College of Natural Medicine, the oldest college in North America.Member of the American Academy of Environmental Medicine.Lifestyle and Nutritional Counseling-Individualized dietary recommendations.Diagnostic Techniques-Urine and blood Analysis-Hair Mineral Analysis-Enzyme, electrolyte and metabolic Analysis: to determine biochemical imbalances & toxicity in the body.N.A.E.T.-N.A.E.T. is a revolutionary treatment to diagnose and eliminate allergies.-NAET Canada.comPhysical Medicine:-Constitutional hydro-therapy One of the only clinics offering this form of therapy which has been in practice from the Roman/Greek eras.Botanical Medicine-Plant-base pharmacy grade tinctures, herbal remedies and supplements prescribed accordingly for their healing effects and nutritional value for the individuals needs.Psychological Services-Relaxation techniques & counselingOzone Therapy.

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