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Many Canadians are surprised to learn that homeopathy is the fastest growing medical treatment system, according to the Indian Chamber of Commerce, where it is mainstream. Switzerland recently announced their intention to integrate it into their healthcare system which will include a number of holistic practices. Homeopathy has stood the test of time dating back 200+ years. The British Royal Family relies upon it as their primary healing method. It is my impression that the enormous healing potential of homeopathy is not completely understood even by those who routinely use it. For example, some people think of homeopathy for acute situations such as colds and the flu. Most have no idea that their chronic illness may be better served by homeopathy than over-the-counter or possibly even prescription drugs they currently use. In addition, people whose chronic conditions vastly improved using homeopathy may be completely unaware of its efficacy in acute situations..

About The Healing Path

Some of my services include acute care prescribing (This might include things like tonsilitis in children, accident and injuries, ear aches ) classical constitutional care for people who have been dealing with longer term and chronic sicknesses ( auto immune illness like lupus or Fibromyalgia. Planter Fasceitis, Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Menstrual cycle and Menopausal, Gall Bladder, Cancer and of course the list goes on) Often people come when they have exhausted their options with medicine and don't know where else to turn. Homeoprophylaxis - homeopathic alternative to vaccines Ketogenic diet coaching. For weight loss but often spend more time with people who are following it therapeutically to reverse such things as diabetes, PCOS, cancer and heart disease Fertility Awareness My areas of specialty Crohn's/colitis and other digestive problems, diabetes and insulin resistance related health issues, and reproductive health and infertility, natural family planning, weight loss.


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