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Medical Services:Complete physical examsAllergy testing using scratch test and ELISA blood tests.Blood tests, urine tests, ECG, Doppler  test, saliva tests, live cell analysis, and hair analysisNext day arrangement for CT scans, MRI, X-ray and cardiac catheterization.Genetic testing to determine  future disease outcomes, drug compatibility (pharmacogenetics) and nutritional and lifestyle modifications in order to minimize certain pathological genetic expression.Nutritional assessmentsWellness assessmentsCancer treatments according to guidelines adopted from Canadian and American Cancer societies in conjunction with protocols from Germany, Mexico, France, Cuba and China.Chelation therapy, Ozone therapy, Hydrogen peroxide and many other IV therapies too numerous to mention. Many of these therapies can be researched through the medical library on this website. Some therapies and treatment procedures are not available in some of our locations due to specific laws.Environmental Medicine for persons exposed to toxins or poisons or biological agents.Pain managementWeight management.Quit smoking programLifestyle counseling and management (wellness workshops for individuals and corporations)Acupuncture (needle and laser), electric and non-electric.Massage therapy and treatments using physiotherapy principlesAnger Management/stress counseling.Pre and postnatal carePre and post- surgical care.House callsRehabilitation/Vocational assessment and management.Home health care services and sitting services for the palliative care patient.Forensic medical testing and Private Investigations for medical institutes, private individuals and corporations.Sleep Therapy.

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