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Whether you’re a new parent interested in “well baby” care, a senior looking to improve function, or someone wanting to find better harmony within their body – you will find the gentle healing modalities below restorative and beneficial.My services include care for those in discomfort as well as those who are in perfect health. Awareness of Mind, Body, and Spirit wellness is becoming more common in our community, with the realization that good self care includes regular wellcare.The wellcare modalities that I  provide can bring relief from many ailments as well as bringing balance back to the body. For structural alignment and energy balancing, pain relief, or freedom from general discomfort – Zero Balancing or Craniosacral therapy are both appropriate.Some find Zero Balancing reduces tension, integrates and supports the body-mind, and promotes greater feeling of well-being. Clients benefit from CranioSacral therapy due to its positive effects on the entire central nervous system, endocrine, muscular, respiratory and fascial system. Other clients enjoy feeling internally and externally balanced (yin/yang) with Acupressure, and come for balancing prior to undergoing surgery. Others welcome the comforting touch of Reiki energy, or Universal energy, for rebalancing and detoxification.While all bodywork supports personal growth and healing, my clients report Zero Balancing and CranioSacral therapy to be especially helpful. Keeping ourselves balanced and centered while leading busy lives allows us to handle the demands of life more easily.Clients commonly observe an increased sense of well-being, greater feeling of relaxation; less anxiety; improved comfort; groundedness; clarity of mind, and feeling more “whole”.Sessions are tailored to meet the client’s needs, and so clients may experience more than one modality if it is appropriate during their treatment.About PatPat Lee is a Certified Craniosacral Therapist, Certified Zero Balancing Practitioner, and a Registered Jin Shin Do Acupressure Therapist. She received her certifications from the Upledger Institute in West Palm Beach, Florida, the Zero Balancing Health Association in California, and the Jin Shin Do Foundation in California. She also holds Reiki Master designation.Pat brings a grounded energy to her practice, presenting a sincere, heart felt, attuned touch to assist the client in the healing process.Pat’s passion for helping others began in 1996 as a Reiki practitioner. Working with energy inspired her to attain additional complementary health modalities. Pat continues to advance her knowledge and enrich her practice with further studies in the pediatric field.Additionally, Pat has been involved with fitness and conditioning since 1985, and draws on a wealth of experience. She is a valuable resource for questions pertaining to weight training, flexibility, fitness, or nutrition..

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