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Mindful Inquiry with Surati

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The Work of Byron KatieMindful Inquiry with SuratiStep into Inquiry“Join me in mindful inquiry to identify and question the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck, lower your confidence, create conflict with others and leave you feeling at odds with the world. Using this simple yet radical process, we can set ourselves free and find peace in all aspects of life.”SuratiMINDFUL INQUIRY WITH SURATI“I love meeting people in the depth of what is real and true.”ABOUT SURATIAs a facilitator, I offer my experience with mindful inquiryrooted in many years of daily practice and work with clients and groups. I invite you to discover the clarity and joy that become available when you inquire into issues relating to co-dependency, difficult relationships, addictions, parenting, body image, illness, death and loss, money, spirituality, or any other area you wish to explore.Whatever you bring is welcome here, and it will be a privilege to serve you on your journey of self discovery. The Work of Byron Katie is the main modality I use, combined with mindfulness practices and my experience in conflict resolution and coaching. I am available in person, and internationally by phone, or Skype.My journey with The Work of Byron Katie started in 2007 and through intensive practice, the inquiry process has become second nature – challenging situations have become opportunities to educate myself and deepen my understanding and love for human nature, bringing peace into my inner and outer life.The Work has helped me find clarity in my relationships with family, friends and colleagues; parent my daughter with more love and integrity; access possibility and intelligence in stressful situations; stay connected and grounded in the face of physical challenges; and find trust and peace when faced with the passing of loved ones.I received my deepest learning and training with Byron Katie and colleagues in the facilitator training offered by the Institute for The Work. As a Certified Facilitator since January 2011, I co-train online courses in the Institute and enjoy, from time to time, volunteering as a staff member at Katie’s amazing Nine-day School for the Work and other events. I offer personal coaching sessions in the Work, as well as personal retreats and workshops.Trainings: Certified Facilitator for The Work; Teacher for Dance and Movement Therapy (Germany); The Power of Awareness Coach; Conflict Resolution and Mediation (Vancouver Justice Institute);  Life Skills Coach (Vancouver)..

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