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My purpose in the Mental Health sector is to disrupt the old structure and promote a forward thought process for the future. I collaborate with many organizations, companies and advocacy groups. There are many options on the table that are still not being presented to our fractured system, and my purpose is to bring these options to light.

We live in times of misunderstanding and judgment, but these beliefs are merely outdated and need to be diminished. My main focus is eliminating the stigma of meditation and other alternative evidence based approaches on the front of the Mental Health & Fentanyl Crisis, while bringing affordable access to therapeutic programs to the public.

Five years ago I was homeless, addicted to opiates/cocaine and diagnosed with complex post traumatic stress. I've literally have seen hell from the age of 9 until 28 years old. I since then have overcome my child/adulthood trauma, and now empower others with my story of survival. My mission is to setup the next generation with the necessary tools and education to minimize the adverse effects of Trauma & Depression. That is why I provide Mental Health Coaching to simplify it in a way that anyone can understand it.


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