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Mayama has been teaching yoga for almost 20 years. She offers yoga classes and also private appointments in all aspects of yoga including relaxation, postures, breathing, and inward journeying. The question for her has always been “what’s really going on here?”. That question has taken her to study energy healing such as reiki and therapeutic touch, and to studies in tai chi and chi kung, and to explore closer to home, to an inward search for peace and absolute truth.Mayama is currently a student of Maharishi Krishnananda Ishaya and is a teacher of the Ishayas’ Ascension. It is a series of simple, profoundly effective meditation techniques that allow one to rise beyond stress and self-defeating beliefs.Classes are primarily about movement yet with all the limbs of yoga woven with them. The eight limbs of yoga are: yama (restraints); niyama (observances); asana (postures); pranayama (control of prana, breath); pratyahara (withdrawing the mind); dharana (concentration); dhyana (meditation); and samadhi (super-consciousness). You can be as gentle and as strong as you allow yourself to be. This yoga is mindful. It is healing. It’s a living yoga. What you discover on the mat you take with you into your life. It’s about integration. It’s about wholeness..Check the website http://www.restingfrogyoga.com/ for schedule of classes and fees.

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