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You receive 20% off all of the below prices as a member of NWA!60 minute Thai yoga massage: $65Work out all the kinks with Thai yoga massage. This is an effective treatment for elongating muscles, releasing joint pain and tension, and reducing stress. Open the body up to let the energy flow more efficiently. Add another 30 minutes for only $10.Ayurvedic Thai yoga therapy consultation and massage: $95This includes a consultation to determine your personal dosha, or body type and nature. Massage will be based on the particular needs of the client at the time of the massage based not only on physical issues, but emotional issues, character traits and general body type. This consultation may include tips on style of yoga that would be best for the client as well as general lifestyle tips. Expect to spend 2 hours for the first visit.Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation: $50Can be done in person or over Facetime, Zoom or Skype. Discover your dosha and receive a lifestyle consultation including workout styles best for you, foods to embrace or avoid, colors that are best to wear and more! A full written written report will be emailed following the consultationLife or Health Coaching: $60Find out where your true passions lie and start living from that authentic place through coaching. Address your limiting beliefs, your core values and so much more. It’s time to follow your heart.Part of health coaching includes the following:What’s been stopping you, slowing you down or keeping you from having the health body you wantA powerful vision for your Health and Body Transformation, and what it will mean you and for your lifeWhich foods and lifestyle habits are bringing your health and body down…and what to do about it Life or Health Coaching 4 Session package: $200To make an impact on your life, more than one session on coaching is needed. To encourage a commitment to the coaching process, I’ve put 4 sessions together and this allows you to save $40.Guided Body Reset: $75Are you interested in doing a cleanse in a safe way that won’t leave you starving? Cleanses can be a great tool for discovering what proteins are right for you, what sensitivities you might have, and to lose weight if you need to. You will be guided through the planning phase, which includes making goals for the cleanse, what to eat, what not to eat; a reintroduction phase; the cleanse phase itself, including coaching sessions one on one by phone, FaceTime, over zoom or in person; and of course, lots of support. Kick start a new you with a 4 week cleanse process!Bundle services: $395If you are looking to make a huge impact in your life, bundle services and save. For only $395 you get 2 one hour Thai yoga massage treatments, 4 NLP Coaching sessions and 5 yoga classes (held at Nalanda Bhodi on Quinpool Rd). Address mind, body and spirit. Note all services must be used within 3 months of purchase date in an effort to ensure the greatest impact. Separately these services are valued at $430..

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