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Energy Healing


So how does energy healing actually work?Your physical body exists in the world of matter, but a subtler aspect of you, woven within and throughout your physical body, moves and interacts on a level of pure energy. In fact, you have a network of 7 energy centers spanning from the top of your head down to the bottom of your toes that service different parts of the body and are known as chakras. This energy system is responsible for your feelings of health, balance, and vitality, not just on a physical level but also on a mental, emotional, and spiritual level as well.On the flip side, one of the root causes of disease is blocked energy in the body, which is commonly the result of emotion (“energy in motion”) that has not been processed. Dr. Pert states, “Your body is your subconscious mind. Our physical body can be changed by the emotions we experience.” Through their highly developed intuitive skills, intuitive healers like myself are actually able to uncover what specific emotions have become stuck as energetic congestion in the body and may be causing discomfort, imbalance, and even ‘dis-ease’ if not addressed for a long period of time. Through working with an energy healer, you can begin to process these emotions and automatically be on the path to healing and well-being.The current Western medical system focuses on the biochemistry of cells, organs, and tissues, addressing symptoms in the moment and treating specific regions in the body like isolated parts of a machine. Drugs and surgery are two commonly used tools for treatment, and successful as they may be in conquering symptoms, little is done to explore the root of the problem. The field of medical intuition believes that unless the underlying emotional and energetic root is address simultaneously along with the symptoms, symptoms will continue to reoccur.We are in an exciting time where more and more people, including traditional medical doctors, are speaking out about energy work and the role that it will play in the medical world in the future. Intuitive energetic healers offer their clients information about what they can do to heal themselves, live in harmony, experience more joy, and discover their true potential. Because this is an intuitive technique that taps into shared energy, it can be done from anywhere in the world with as much accuracy as if the person was right beside you.My name is Sarah and I am an intuitive healer.I’d be honoured to help you on your journey to greater health, well-being, and joy in this lifetime.As an energy healer I aim to help people…-Identify the underlying emotional, spiritual, and psychological sources of imbalance in the body.-Receive information that will complement conventional medical advice and treatment for a more holistic approach to healing.-Learn about the powerful mind-body connection, which has the ability to dramatically change health outcomes.-Discover their innate healing powers and take control of their health.-Lead lives that are aligned with their soul’s purpose..

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