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Body Alignment,Massage Therapy, Sports Therapy, Foot Care.


Myoskeletal Therapy We've all suffered from the soreness associated with an overly exuberant exercise session. But did you know that most Canadians experience neck, back and muscle pain from another less-strenuous activity? Surprisingly, it's sitting. Chronic back pain, which is the second most common cause of disability and a top reason for missing work, can be the result of improper posture while sitting and standing. "In today’s society, we are developing muscle imbalance patterns caused by Neurogenic, Vascular, mechanical that can cause trauma,tension & poor posture, like sitting too long in an isometrically contracted posture without adequate physical activities. Fortunately, these imbalance patterns have become clinically predictable in the ways they affect people’s neuromuscular systems". What Myoskeletal can do for you! Myoskeletal Alignment has proven to have considerable benefits in treating muscular imbalance, by identifying these typical imbalance patterns through observation and testing procedures." Myoskeletal Alignment Therapy is not to twist the torso, lock down, or pop these dysfunctional joints into place" (Eric Dalton Freedom from pain Institute). Treating chronic strain patterns before they become painful, is the goal of the myoskeletal therapist. Continued... The Myoskeletal therapist helps to encourage the development and facilitate recovery through full body alignment, by helping you do the things you love and keeping you moving throughout the day while keeping your independence.

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Your journey begins with us... We are the first line of defense in the battle with non-pathologic musculoskeletal pain disorders. Myoskeletal therapist specializes in the following areas.


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