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                                        Nicole Marchand, Registered Dietitian                                            & Digestive/Gut Health SpecialistI’ve had a strong interest in digestive health during my entire career as a dietitian. The more I learn about the digestive system and the organs involved, the more I realize that MOST of our illnesses come from an unbalanced gut flora, unhealthydigestive tracts and from unhealthy lifestyle choices.My PROGRAMS and SERVICES offered follow a system to help heal the digestive system, including the LIVER. These programs also speak to HEART HEALTH as well.Symptoms often related to an unhealthy digestive system include:BLOATING, STOMACH PAIN, IRREGULARITY, EXCESS BELLY FAT, FATIGUE, GERD, JOINT PAIN, etc. Although I follow a program format developed over years of research and experience, the programs are SPECIFIC to the needs of the client as I offer atotal client-centered approach.Clients may be referred as well to trusted naturopathic doctors, acupuncturists, massage therapists and counsellors as needed in order to aid in healing and treatment beyond my scope of practice. ​I truly envision a healthier province and a healthier country and the transformation begins with each of us taking control of our health, reducing our risk for disease and following a healthy lifestyle for optimal health and longevity.Areas of Expertise:Digestive disordersIBS, IBD, GERDHeart and Liver health (NAFLD)Joint pain and ArthritisInflammationAllergies/Intolerances (Celiac, lactose intolerance, etc.)Weight maintenanceLifestyle diets such as Veganism, Vegetarianism, Paleo, etc.​DIGESTIVE/GUT HEALTH PROGRAMS OFFERED:​IBS SYMPTOM RELIEFSLASHING BELLY FAT FOR LIFEANTI-INFLAMMATORY & JOINT PAIN RELIEFTOTAL DIGESTIVE HEALTH & REBALANCING GUT FLORAMy programs are very reasonably priced, but do not include the cost of supplements as required.​Consultations may be covered by your health insurance provider.We can work out payment plans as needed.                   12 WEEK PROGRAMS TO OPTIMIZED HEALTH Treating the UNDERLYING PROBLEMS, not MASKING the symptoms1 – IRRITABLE BOWEL SYNDROME (IBS) SYMPTOM RELIEFIn this program, I combine the low-FODMAP approach and allergy testing to symptom relief and gut healing strategies. We introduce healthy bacteria while reducing bad bacteria colonies in order to promote balanced gut flora and then reintroduce foods as appropriate for the individual. This comprehensive program is perfect for anyone dealing with digestive symptoms such as:​BLOAT, STOMACH PAIN, IRREGULARITY, FATIGUE and BRAIN FOG.2 – SLASHING BELLY FAT FOR LIFE What are the benefits to slashing belly fat?!– Blood sugar control– Horomone balance– Reduced risk of cardiovascular disease– Reduced symptoms of heartburn and GERD– Increased energyIn this program, we focus on portion control, balancing meals and snacks, exercise, supplementation and balancing gut bacteria in order to reduce inflammation and restore a healthy digestive system. Clients are given sample days, meal/snack ideas and recipes throughout the program and helpful tips to stay on track.3 – ANTI-INFLAMMATORY & JOINT PAIN RELIEFIt might seem unlikely that INFLAMMATION and JOINT PAIN are correlated to gut health and digestive health. However, as we heal the gut, CHRONIC INFLAMMATION that causes damage to the cartilage between the joints will recede. Furthermore, as we introduce anti-inflammatory foods, spices, herbs and supplements, we will work to REBUILD damaged cartilage between joints and therefore, reduce pain and increase mobility.4 – TOTAL DIGESTIVE HEALTH & RE-BALANCING GUT FLORAThe health of the DIGESTIVE TRACT is related to overall health including IMMUNE HEALTH, DISEASE PREVENTION, ENERGY LEVELS, HORMONE BALANCE, ABILITY TO CONCENTRATE and MUCH MORE!You may not have IBS, IBD, GERD, etc., however, if you are often FATIGUED or ILL, a DIGESTIVE RESET might be the program for you!This program encourages a HEALTHY LIVER, BALANCED GUT GLORA, A HEALTHY DIGESTIVE TRACT, A HEIGHTENED IMMUNE SYSTEM and A DECREASED RISK FOR WEIGHT GAIN.WHAT IS INCLUDED IN EACH 12 WEEK PROGRAM?These programs are of VERY HIGH VALUE!WHY?You will receive:-FIVE CONSULTATIONS IN PERSON OR ONLINE (whatever is best for you)– SAMPLE DAYS AND RECIPES THROUGHOUT THE PROGRAM– WORKSHEETS AND A GOAL TRACKER TO HELP YOU REALIZE AND MEET YOUR GOALS– TEMPLATES FOR TRACKING SYMPTOMS– EMAIL ACCESS TO ME AT ALL TIMES AND FAST REPLIES TO QUESTIONS.

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