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Casaroma Wellness Centre, founded by Allana Downie and Lee Fisher, has become the recognizable brand and leader in aromatherapy products and knowledge in Nova Scotia and a leader in Atlantic Canada. Now, 18 years after it's formation, Peter Caron, (who just happens to be Allana’s son & Lee's brother!) has opened Casaroma Wellness Clinic in the heart of Gibsons B.C. ​ Here at Casaroma Wellness we welcome you to try our amazing Electronic Therapies such as our Pulsed Electro Magnetic Field Therapy, Poly Chromatic Light Therapy, Brain Tap or Spa, Eternale with Micro Current Technology, Image Pro Scan & Facial Rejuvenation, Cold Wave Laser Therapy , Ionic Foot Detox Bath, and Biofeedback Stress Reduction Therapy. ​ We offer Nutritional Consultation to get your body on track to better balance and improved well being. ​ We also have healing touch therapies including, Lomi Lomi Deep Relaxation Massage, Foot Reflexology, Hot Stone Massage, Chair Massage, and Facials (lymphatic drainage or luxurious facial treatments). ​ We carry all natural Aromatherapy products to aid in healing and daily care. Our products are 100% natural and handmade. We carry over 100 different essential oils and proprietary blends which are created for the health and happiness of both family and pets. Our custom blending bar allows us to create a product designed to specifically meet your needs. Some benefits of Aromatherapy are: Boosting your immune system, reducing pain and inflammation, speeding the healing of skin conditions, creating an uplifting, happy and positive state of mind, aiding with your focus and concentration, and soothing stress and anxiety. ​ We have plenty of testers for you to try and we always have our Aromatherapists online all the way from Nova Scotia to help us create your perfect individualized products to help you feel better! ​.

About Casaroma Wellness Clinic

Casaroma Wellness, a place of profound beauty and healing. Located in the town of Gibsons on the stunning Sunshine Coast of beautiful British Columbia. Truly a labour of love, Casaroma Wellness is a culmination of two generations of hand-crafted essential oils and aromatherapy expertise blended with cutting edge vibrational healing modalities to create a place of deep relaxation, healing and well-being. Originally founded by Pete's family 18 years ago on the East Coast of Canada, Casaroma Wellness has become the trusted source of aromatherapy in their home-town of Nova Scotia. After years of studying how to harness the power of light and vibrational energy, Pete has launched Casaroma Wellness on the West Coast, incorporating lasers, powerful magnets, biofeedback and computer-aided technology with traditional spa treatments. At Casaroma Wellness we invite you to experience a variety of unique and powerful modalities, including; Pulsed-Electric Magnetic Field Therapy, Poly Chromatic Light Therapy, Brain Tap Mind Spa, Eternale with Micro Current Technology, Image Pro Scan & Facial Treatments, Cold Wave Laser Therapy , Biofeedback Stress Reduction Therapy, Foot detox baths, Massage, and individual Nutritional Counseling. ​ We look forward to seeing you here on the beautiful Sunshine Coast, where the ocean and mountains meet the sky! ​ ​ ABOUT OUR HEALING SPACE At Casaroma Wellness we are dedicated to helping people understand and manage their stress and dis-ease. We have a special interest in stress as a causative factor, and how it can be alleviated. Using our unique light and quantum energy modalities combined with our very own pure, organic, and natural in-house made essential oils, we endeavor to bring health and healing to all our customers! With love and light, Peter Caron, Owner


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