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About Mutts and Motorcycles

I have had my own Service Dog for many years and began my training of Service Dogs for others after years of being a handler and trainer for working dogs, show dogs, social obedience for Therapy Dogs. I began by fixing Service Dogs that had been sold to people by the larger kennels and organizations, who were lacking in their obedience, or needed to expand in their Medical Work, or maybe help with learning how to accompany a wheelchair and help with mobility along with their Medical Alert. I then noticed that many dogs that were Trained and then sold to someone were lacking in the teamwork needed to really be effective. I began working with the Handlers and Dogs together to make them a hard working medical team that could grow and expand in their training as medical needs changed. I noticed that Autistic Children did very well training with their new dog and a medical alert and bond formed that could not have been achieved if the dog had just been trained and sold to the family. The dog literally becomes a working part of the family and medically alerts everyone to changing situation. The cost is not as expensive because I do not have kennels but help people find the right dog to be a future Service Dog, and have the new owners work with me on the training while the dog lives in their new home. You are not paying a facility to board and train a dog for two years and then purchasing it. The family learns that training a Service Dog is a lifestyle that includes hours training and encouraging medical alert daily. Not every dog is capable of becoming a service dog, and evaluating the dog is important..