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Nutrition Matters

Herbalist & Holistic Nutritional Consultant


“Mother of 3, community herbalist and holistic nutritionist, Andrea Larsen, is dedicated to teaching people how to improve their nutrition through wholesome foods, herbal medicine and healthy lifestyle choices. She provides one on one nutritional consultations as well as teaches classes on specific health and nutrition topics.Andrea’s special areas of focus are healing the gut (digestive disorders, abnormal flora) especially in line with GAPS and the Weston Price Foundation, hormonal imbalances especially in women’s health and nutrition for pregnancy and children, fermentation and herbal medicine. Andrea stumbled into natural health quite by accident 12 years ago when picking up a book where she was house sitting at the time. The information was like a rabbit hole that she couldn’t stop following and she was able to apply the knowledge she was learning to correct her own health issues with weight, skin and hormonal imbalances. Now, more than a decade later, Andrea is a proficient medicine maker and healer in our community and her wealth of knowledge and passion to help, inspire others to discover their own innate abilities to heal themselves and support their children, through nourishing meals and simple herbal remedies”..

About Nutrition Matters

I am here to work with you. What this means is that I am here to guide you on your own unique journey as we restore any nutritional deficiencies and bring the body back into balance so that it can heal the way it is designed to heal. We may work well together if: You are having unexplained digestive issues You frequently catch colds and suspect your immune system could be run down You always feel exhausted and can't explain why You are planning on becoming pregnant soon and are seeking nutritional support. Hormonal changes are so severe that they interrupt your daily life You would like to learn how you can prevent possible nutrition related illness or lose weight You are ready to make significant changes to improve your quality of life apothecary You may even want a bit of tough love. I offer a kitchen detox, where I come to your home, go through your cupboards and actually throw away any food that isn't serving your health and wellness. Not everyone is ready for this step, but many are. At this time I can offer help for understanding how to decipher food labels. I can also help you learn how to navigate the grocery store (even the ones you may already frequent!) to find wholesome foods and avoid potentially harmful ones. You may simply want to sit down and talk with me for an hour or more. Perhaps you have lots of concerns or questions about all the conflicting and confusing information available on nutrition. Do you need a full nutritional analysis done? This is where I play a bit of a detective and help put together a comprehensive picture of what is going on for you. I can also create a completely unique meal plan and supplement regime tailored to your individual needs. One thing you can be sure to expect when you see me is that I will be giving you some new and often exciting information and help you fit a lot of missing pieces into the jig-saw puzzle that is you.


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