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The Promise of Qi:Qigong – liberation of body, mind and soul.Qi (Chi) is the life-force energy of the Universe. It is all around and inside us. It is abundant and always available everywhere for free. It doesn’t require membership-fees, permission, specialized equipment, or expensive outfits to use it.Learning to practice the five thousand year old cultivation of this energy is the key to physical, emotional and spiritual freedom. Take back control and responsibility of your own body, mind and wellbeing.Qigong is easy to learn at any age; it’s never too late. The fountain of youth is already there, we only need to open the source to rejuvenate. With dedication, discipline and patience, Qigong will open the door to becoming well, being well, and staying well.My Message:As a former Green Beret, Alpine Tour-Leader, Immigrant, Entrepreneur, chronic pain sufferer, Author, Taoist-adept, and graduate in Medical Qigong therapy, I have learned to overcome many challenges in the past 40 years.My goal and purpose for the remainder of my journey in this life is to share this knowledge and assist those who are dedicated to recover from pain, physical, or emotional trauma. My goal is to reduce dependency on drugs and surgery; to inspire and teach how to trust our self-healing capacity, and re-generate body and mind.“keep it simple… travel light”Background:I received my training in Medical Qigong therapy from the International Institute of Medical Qigong, founded by Professor Jerry Alan Johnson, an internationally recognized leading authority on Medical Qigong Therapy. All classes follow the strict standards as set by the Institute to insure that every graduate will be a qualified practitioner in Medical Qigong Therapy.Medical Qigong:All illnesses are basically an imbalance of (yin/yang) energy. This can be a stagnant, deficient or excessive condition. The purpose of Medical Qigong is to disperse excessive energy, move stagnant energy, tonify deficient energy and restore balance. It is the oldest form of Chinese Medicine, having been used for thousands of years.Your first session will take about 90 minutes. We will review your (pain) history, current condition and concerns. You will then lie down on a massage table to receive treatment for about 50 minutes. Wear comfortable clothing and relax. You will enter into a meditative state while I scan your energy fields and detect any imbalances. Medical Qigong treatment is highly intuitive and takes place on a sub-conscious level. When you awake from another dimension, you will feel calm and rested. It may take a few days to feel all the effect, and during this time you can sometimes experience emotional releases or fatigue as toxic energy is expelled.We will evaluate the session and I will suggest and explain specific Qigong exercises to assist in further healing. Tailored to your circumstances, these exercises use physical movement, breathing, healing sounds, and mental intention to correct and restore the energy flow.These prescription exercises are the most important benefits of Medical Qigong, because they empower you to take control over your own body, by providing the tools for self-healing. This eventually reduces the need for ongoing therapeutic interventions.When Yin and Yang are in harmony, the body heals.Medical Qigong can treat and cure many conditions that are considered irreversible by Western Medicine: Diabetes, Arthritis, MS, Dementia, BPH, Impotency, Spinal Injury, PTS, Hypertension, etc. The list is endless, however, there is no such thing as an incurable disease in Chinese Medicine.That does not mean that there always will be a cure, but even when total (physical) recovery cannot be achieved, healing may still take place on an emotional or spiritual level.Healing with Medical Qigong takes place beyond space and time and cannot be understood by the rational mind. It works from any distance, so called remote treatment is possible if you are away or not being able to meet in person. I have succesfully treated some of my friends overseas..

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