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Rarely do people seeking alternate approaches to their goals bring simple, straightforward challenges. Many are dealing with multiple complicating concerns which are waiting to be removed, like the layers of an onion. No one strategy fits all, and most of us enjoy the best benefit by combining varied approaches. For instance, someone experiencing pain can benefit from complementary therapies such as using healing and pain reliving herbs, massage therapy, gentle yoga techniques, pain reduction through hypnotherapy, and energy intervention to explore causes. At Stillwater, you will find a team of committed, compassionate wellness professionals providing several key aspects to alternative health methods, supporting each other in a holistic way, ready to work together collaboratively to help you achieve your health goals as quickly and effectively as possible. Our practitioners are here to guide you to your answers and provide the knowledge and expertise to bring about the results you desire. You may work with any of us individually or to utilize in any combination as your healing team.“The art of healing comes from nature, not from the physician. Therefore, the physician must start from nature, with an open mind.” Paracelsus Denise McMorris CHT, RHTA Medical Herbalist blends modern scientific knowledge with ancient wisdom, which means you get the best of both worlds. Although much more than someone who dispenses herbs, central to the profession is the creation of custom blends, expertly formulated to alleviate symptoms and go to work on a deep level to bring about profound, long term improvement. I have a full and robust dispensary, and as required I formulate personal teas, tinctures, poultices, salves, ointments, creams, sprays, tonics, powders, capsules, pastes, and more. As my focus is on eating close to home, whenever practical, I utilize plant remedies that grow here and are readily available to all. Much of my own dispensary is grown or wild harvested by myself here on the island.Because your first consultation is spent information gathering, I get your complete health picture. Based on this detailed information, you will receive truly holistic recommendations designed to bring about optimal healing. Suggestions may include dietary guidance, supplement changes, lifestyle and exercise strategies, appropriate referral, and more. Getting to where you want to be may be a process, and you can know that I will be there as your guide along the way.A Clinical Herbalist can perform the same external physical examinations to recognize the signs and symptoms of disease as your physician, interpret your lab test results, help you understand the function, side effects, interactions, and considerations of any pharmaceutical drugs you may be taking, and work in liaison with other health care professionals.As I enjoy sharing knowledge and empowering people to help themselves, and am pleased to offer an array of workshops on such subjects as herbal tea blending, natural body care, and fermentation. I conduct herb walks, wild food foraging, and harvesting and medicine making workshops on my small organic farm here in Strawberry Vale where I live with my dog Shelby, my cat Pone, and about 40 spoiled hens..

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