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About Lucy:Lucy Taylor, C.H.H.P.Lucia Taylor has something to offer – something that we all want – something that we not only want, but also need in our lives – something we crave and something we often struggle with. That something is intimacy. Most importantly, first and foremost, to thine own self be true.Imagine a young child, full of spirit and exhuberance for life. Living in the magic of the moment. Energetic, with joy. Do you feel that way now? Is passion your guiding force? Are you loving your life? Is your health and body wellness supporting your dreams come true? As a society, we are drowning in overwhelm. Suffocating in disillusionment. One in two of us is dealing with a terminal illness before our time.From 1991 to 2000, Lucia experienced 7 physical accidents; broken bones, a concussion, falls and injuries, that eventually culminated in having to learn how to walk again, and by Dec 2000, was told she was on the verge of a heart attack. Severe adrenal exhaustion was a call to reclaiming her soul, and resulted in a major career change into Holistic Wellness, and a thriving practice as a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner/sole proprietor as Phoenix Holistic Healing Clinic, since 2002.Accidents happen when we are disconnected from our soul. Our heart is saddened when we don’t listen, and starts to shut down. We feel numb. The magic is draining out of life. We may try to cope by working to the extreme, alcohol, drugs, shopping therapy, gambling, a trophy wife or husband. Reality is, we may feel sad, disheartened, angry, anxious or fearful. We put on a mask to the world. But, our heart and soul is trying to wake us up – to get our attention, to attend to our personal gifts and agenda. In Reality, there are no accidents. Everything is on purpose.Lucia is about Transformation. Life Transformation. Based on experience, there are only two ways to live life. Either everything is a miracle, or nothing is. She has lived both belief systems, dark and gloomy, and bright and optimistic. As the song sings, “Once I was 7 years old”…but it took her until her fourth decade to experience what she was really meant to do, and into her fifth decade to actualize her Life’s Purpose.As children, we are born with innate wisdom of our contribution to this beautiful planet, but if not nurtured, we forget.Are you doing work you love? How would you rate your relationship/s – at least a 7/10? Can’t wait to get started each day? Life is more like fun than effort? Can’t imagine doing anything else? If not, why not? Ask yourself - what you are settling for? And, Why?I invite you to join me on a journey towards your Soul Revival. Imagine, for a moment, your life is living a dream come true! Peace, tranquility, magic, happiness, balance. Deep, meaningful relationships. A sense of joy and purpose and fulfilment in your work!Today, Let’s Begin Again!HOW COULD ANYONE EVER TELL YOU - YOU WERE ANYTHING LESS THAN BEAUTIFUL?HOW COULD ANYONE EVER TELL YOU - YOU WERE ANYTHING LESS THAN WHOLE?HOW COULD ANYONE FAIL TO NOTICE – THAT YOUR LIFE IS BUT A MIRACLE?HOW DEEPLY YOU’RE CONNECTED TO MY SOUL

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