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Use Hypnotherapy as a Performance Tool! For Career • For Entrepreneurship • For Relationships. Imagine having your own "secret door" to your personal & professional well-being that you didn't know you had access to. You can do this by working strategically with your subconscious mind. Did you know that approximately 90-95% of your potential mind power comes from your subconscious habits/belief systems? This means that no matter how much willpower or drive you have, you will be limited by your current belief systems. And the most profound thing, you’re likely not even aware of what those beliefs are or where they came from.

The simple truth is your subconscious mind is running “the show” (aka your life) from old programming and just needs an update. The beauty of this work is that you've had the potential all along... it's simply been hidden by a part of your mind that wants to keep you safe and therefore, small. Time to release your full potential!

I am curious, which thoughts, habits, emotional blocks/challenges, and beliefs are sabotaging or slowing down the success and happiness you know you deserve? Want to know more about how Hypnotherapy will work for your specific career, earning & relationship goals?

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Myalgic Encephalitis (M..E) is a complex disorder which has common symptoms but manifests uniquely to each person. Conditions: an inability to function...


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Hypnotherapy will assist me in my personal healing goals.



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