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Growing Whole offers a proven light touch therapy that alleviates stress, empty’s a busy mind, relieves migraine headaches, regenerates damaged cells caused by a concussion, calms the nervous system, delivers deep peace that contributes to greater focus, stress tolerance and sustained calm. Growing Whole’s other services include deep emotion release processing, nature connection facilitation "digital detox", personal energetic alignment (reiki) and the energetic alignment of homes and workspaces. Growing Whole was founded in 2011 by Ashley Eden and continues to work throughout Western Canada.

About Growing Whole

Ashley has many innate gifts as a facilitator for deep profound healing and positive change. She specializes in providing a safe, calm, peaceful container for the release of trauma held within the physical, mental or emotional bodies. Ashley believes the body has the wisdom and capacity to heal itself if given the opportunity. She brings this core belief to every session. It is her life’s work to facilitate an experience of deep cellular peace so an individual’s own body’s intelligence can do the heavy lifting. Ashley’s gifts also allow her to feel and explain “stuck” or “blocked” energies held in physical environments and people’s energetic structures. Once identified Ashley is able to safely support the release, transformation, or integration of these energies for greater energetic flow and prosperity. Ashley’s practice is based in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. People come from all over Western Canada to work with Ashley, specifically, to help support the release of stress held within their cellular tissues; sustained and successful relief from post concussion symptoms; or the permanent release from debilitating migraine headaches. Ashley also supports people who have experienced trauma off all kinds: physical, mental, emotional, sexual or spiritual.At a very young age it was evident to Ashley’s parents that she had a deep intuitive wisdom beyond her years. When she was a child, people would line up at Ashley’s summer lemonade stands to receive advice about their life struggles. A beaming agent of positive change from a young age, Ashley’s deep belief in truth, beauty and justice on this planet led her to courageously call out adults, systems and structures that were not in alignment with kindness, care and safety for all. Strong willed, she would not back down until she saw real change, at times driving her family crazy. She first began hands-on healing at the age of 23. She has now been practicing the facilitation of positive healing for over ten years. The tools she uses in her practice stem from her training in the healing arts of Reiki and Upledger Craniosacral Therapy. Ashley holds a Masters of Science from the University of Edinburgh, and is published academic. Her work and experience as a Scientist and Deep Human Ecologist continues to inform the work she facilitates at Growing Whole. She currently offers Craniosacral Therapy, specializing in the brain and nervous system; teaches Reiki and offers personal Reiki sessions; provides Home and Office Energy Alignments; facilitates SomatoEmotional Release sessions; offers Digital Detox retreats; and acts as a Teaching Assistant for the Upledger Institute. Ashley believes that life is a continuous opportunity for learning and growth. She continues to train with the Upledger Institute in Advanced Craniosacral Therapy courses along with currently completing studies with global leaders in trauma and how it impacts the brain and the body. For fun Ashley loves to swim and bike ride around her idyllic neighbourhood of Kitsilano. She love to dance, enjoys spending time in nature, has a great sense of humour, loves to laugh and share great food over insightful and expansive conversations.


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