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There is never just one right therapy. Depending on both the individual and what issue is being addressed in therapy, the integration of two or more therapies will help you quickly move forward in your life. I respect your strength in reaching out for help during a difficult time and can assure you that you will never regret investing in yourself.Trust and respect are essential in any therapeutic environment for healing to take place. Although we are all similar in many ways, our differences are what make each individual special and unique. I respect the individual you are and the journey you are on. Together we will work through your healing and growth process in a trusting and empathetic atmosphere. ​I know I can help you achieve dramatic results in your personal well-being.

About Commitment Counselling

Everyone has their own challenges in this lifetime. Perfection can be considered a linquistic faux paux as it does not exist in our reality. It is the proverbial carrot that we keep on reaching for in order to prove ourselves to the world. Instead what we should be chasing are our own personal carrots towards our own path to personal well-being. The most difficult challenges that are presented to us, if we decide to confront them, are our greatest teachers. Personally, although I always envisioned myself working closely with others, my own personal challenges kept me in a career and life with little meaning or satisfaction. It wasn’t until I experienced and overcame years of debilitating depression and anxiety that I was motivated to follow my passion. It was a necessity for me to overcome some of my biggest fears in order to realize my dreams. The significant lessons learned in moving through my challenges, ensures that I will never return to the fear and darkness that was once my reality.With my personal experiences, professional training and ongoing counselling experience, I can help you move past your challenges towards a meaningful and fulfilling life.

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