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We are in full swing at our new clinic space and couldn't be loving it more. I now have a wonderful team of Angel Becker, my office manager, Dr. Amelia Patillo, ND and Dr. Andrea Whelan, ND. I have welcomed these brilliant physicians in order to help more patients get the care they need when managing a complex and chronic illness or any other concerns they might have. As my practice is almost at maximum capacity I am relying on Dr. Whelan or Dr. Patillo to help with patient care but am still taking on those patients referred by other physicians and family members. This allows us all to learn from each other and have our patients get the best possible care.

About Maria Payne Boorman

I have been practicing naturopathic medicine in my hometown of Victoria since 1999. I have a full family practice with an emphasis on women’s and men’s hormonal health, thyroid and adrenal balance, chronic infections such as lyme disease, collaborative cancer care and prevention, childhood health and wellbeing, gastrointestinal disorders and cardiovascular disease. I use nutritional counselling; nutritional supplementation; herbal medicine; IV therapeutics; and the cautious prescribing of pharmaceutical medications in my practice. Most of all I focus on building strong and caring relationships with my patients as I assist them with the health issues they have encountered. I use my curiosity, research skills and intuition to bring light to health concerns that have yet to be diagnosed and I have a methodical and common sense approach to treatment.


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Sandra Martens

This service will help restore my gut imbalance, migraines, emotional imbalance, and eating disorder.

See previous submission. And, I am SOOO very grateful! Thank you!


Sandra Martens

Pain Managment

I've been suffering with monthly or so three-day bed-ridden migraines for about 27 years. My intestines are blocked without major efforts to force things to...


Anika Rose


I've had pain and insomnia all my life with monthly 3 day long bed-ridden migraines since my teens. Since a car accident in 2007, I haven't pooped without...



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