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ServicesAcupuncture: sports injuries, dry needling, electro-stimulation, laserTrigger Point InjectionOsteopathic Manual Therapy – thesis researchMyofascial CuppingInfared Heat Therapy​Foundation Training: back pain and health, posture correction, performance trainingLaser Therapy   acute and chronic injuries, tendonitis, inflammation, slow wound healingInjection Therapy:   Vitamin B12, Lipotrophic weightloss, MesotherapyHerbal Products​:-Cold / Flu-Digestion-Pain and Inflammation-Circulation-Stress-Insomnia-Endurance and Performance-Energy-Detox-And Many More…Conditions Treated​:Arthritic conditionsChronic AilmentsFatigueFibromyalgiaHeadaches, Dizziness and VertigoInsomniaJoint Sprains and StrainsKnee, Hip, Ankle PainLigament Muscle and Tendon Injuries ​Neck and Back PainPain ReliefPinched NervesPiriformis SyndromePosture Exercise and CorrectionSciaticaSports InjuriesTendinitisTennis/Golfers ElbowAnd Many More…Colin Tenove, M. TCM, R.Ac.Colin has over 15 years of experience in clinical practice using acupuncture, manual therapy, nutrition and exercise in treating pain, injuries and dysfunction, all while promoting wholistic health and symptom relief.  His formal training includes a Master’s in Traditional Chinese Medicine from the Canadian College of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine in Victoria; 5 years of postgraduate studies in Osteopathic Manual Practice with the Canadian School of Osteopathy in Vancouver; Biomechanics and Exercise Physiology studies with the faculty of Physical Education at the University of Alberta, and he is a certified instructor of Foundation Training.Today, Colin continues to stay active with Foundation Training, kickboxing, hockey and basketball. He combines the wisdom of Traditional Medicine, over 10 years of formal education and 15 years of clinical experience, in his private practice. His patient’s ailments range from sports injuries, acute and chronic pain, chronic health issues, arthritis, and postural strain..

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