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Shamrock's mission is to help individuals, families and communities that have faced trauma, life challenges, emotional and psychological difficulties, and adversity, by providing the highest level of therapeutic care while people reclaim, rebuild, and renew their lives. Our integration of traditional therapy and equine facilitated therapy provides a safe, collaborative and supportive place to work through what has brought people to counselling. We believe that each person is unique, For some, talking in one of our inviting therapy rooms is what is wanted. Others prefer working with our horses and being outside. Either way, our qualified mental health team incorporates a variety of approaches to create an experience that is unique for each individual.

About Shamrock Counselling

I have chosen to do something different. I believe that the formality of sitting in a small office, 4 walls, perhaps a counsellor with a suit on, is not always conducive to creating an emotionally safe environment in which clients can share all parts of their life story. I wanted to take the fear out of the process, make it more comfortable and inviting - so I started Shamrock Counselling, Complete with a barn, horses, dogs,and a comfy indoor space with a wood fireplace. Today, shamrock has a team of mental health professionals and Master level interns who also have years of horse experience. I feel privileged and honored to have such ethical and creative professionals on my team, who are also dedicated to helping others to make change that makes sense for their lives. When you come to Shamrock you will find that we pride ourselves on the contradiction of wearing barn boots and baseball hats while maintaining a high level of professionalism and formal training. I have been told that we create a comfortable space where people can be at easy and be themselves in its entirety. How much more real can you get than when your counselor is taking care of horses in the dirt and muck!


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