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Concussion Resolution offers safe, effective concussion treatment in Victoria BC, in accordance with up to date concussion research and treatment guidelines.Our clients range from young athletes to non sport related concussions, motor vehicle accident (MVA) cases, acute and chronic cases of Post Concussion Syndrome.Often times acute concussions (between time of injury and 10 days) can be treated in one or two sessions. Post Concussion Syndrome and complex associated symptoms can also benefit from our safe, non invasive approach to treatment.Please contact us to learn how we can help you.Out of province clients and Manhattan bookings, please email us for more information.Are you experiencing Headaches? Dizziness? Fogginess? Feeling ‘off’ and not yourself due to a head injury?Tired of feeling unwell and anxious to get back to Sports, Life, Work or School?You aren’t alone! Many people have felt just like you and FELT BETTER after working with Jenna Howe.  Feel better faster.  Contact us today.  .

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Lori Haley

Manual Osteopathy

For 3 years in July, I have been afflicted with constant dizziness, balance issues, motion intolerance, sensitivity to light and noise, fatigue, vision...


Tricia Habermehl


I have had physiological challenges that started in fall of last year and continue to affect me. Health care is very expensive and treatment plans that are...


Brenda Smith

Pain Managment

Medical condition/Conditions?: fybromialgia, vasculitis, injuries due to car accidents, instability in hips, IBS, chronic pain, impingement in upper back ...


Tricia Habermehl


Please see the story I submitted. I struggle with clogged ears, congestion and social situations due to my health challenges. Extensive story submitted...



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