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A health coach helps with healthy lifestyle modifications to improve your risk factors for preventable chronic health conditions. According to the Cleveland Clinic medical studies show that adults with common chronic conditions who participate in comprehensive lifestyle modification programs experience rapid, significant, clinically meaning and sustainable improvements. Lifestyle diseases are also no longer age specific as more young adults and children fall victim. The pressures of sustaining the standards we have set out for ourselves and our children has taken a toll on our overall health. As we struggle to cope with the pressures of work, and survival today, we often compromise on diet, exercise, rest and relaxation, making convenient poor choices.

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I spent my life trying to be the best mom, wife, friend, worker and all around human being I can be. I love my life, family & friends but I found deep down I was disappointed in me. I felt that I am smart & capable so why wasn't I taking advantage of every opportunity to be healthy, happy & successful. I was using everyone and everything in my life as a reason to not move forward (to stay stuck?). I know not one of them would ever ask me to give up parts of myself, I willingly did that for what I thought was their benefit. Later there would be time to focus on me and my stuff. Later came!! The pressure I put on myself, the stress & anxiety wore me down & I no longer had the energy or drive to work on my stuff. Worse yet, all of this was manifesting physically in my body and it wasn't good. It was time to take control of my life and find ways to fulfill myself while honoring my need to take care of my family & others. Although the circumstances that have brought me here have been tragic at times, I am grateful for all I have learned along the way. I intend to make the most of all the blessings & opportunities life is willing to offer me. Live a healthy inspired life - Janis


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